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124 Students Scholarship


DonBoscoTechnicalSchoolkep: The New Academic year 2017-2017 We have 124 Students Scholarship for Students that interested. if you interested Please see step as below :1. Applying Form and Interview : 28 to 31 August 20172. Examination : 1 September 2017 Night Class : Our School provide the Night Class for Student […]

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Student selection exam for admission 100 students in the new academic year 2016-2017


Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia provides poor youth get real skill to have enough ability to work for companies institutions. For year 2016-2017 coming school will have a student selection exam 100 students to study free for 2 years, Sponsored by Don Bosco Foundationof Cambodia, Just pay for food accommodation and some of academic materials. Vision: The […]

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