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Don Bosco Agricultural Center Revision 27th December 2016


Today Fr. Samnang, Rector of Don Bosco Technical School Kep, Mr. Pov Tula, Head Master, Mr. Try Seyha, Rector’s Assistant and Mr. Hem Raksmey, General Works, paid an official visit to the Don Bosco Kep Agricultural Center CHENLA. One main goal of the Don Bosco Kep Agricultural Center CHENLA is to […]

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Mechanic Agriculture under Development

Agriculture Machine for Don Bosco Hatrans November 2015

Cambodia is basically a rural country, where 80% of its total population (15 million people), living in rural areas. It puts the Agricultural Sector is one of the pillars of its economy. besides manufacturing, construction and tourism. The development of the rural areas and their capacity to produce, is a […]

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