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Don Bosco Technical School promotion in Ratanakiri

Ethnic minorities

BANLUNG — Don Bosco Hatrans was created in Kep Province to attend children and youth from Kep, Kampot and Takeo that made the southeast region along the border with Vietnam. But it is also made to welcome children and young people from Cambodian ethnic minorities, mostly located in the provinces […]

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1st Don Bosco Education Mission Trip to Ratanakiri

Andoung Meas public school

Don Bosco Kep is planning to celebrate the 1st Don Bosco Education Mission Trip “Brother Sun” to Bokeo and Andong Chey Districts, Ratanakiri Province during the Khmer New Year with some students from Don Bosco Kep. The students must be those of second year who get the first place in their sections […]

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Sponsor a Cambodian Student Is the Best Way to Fight Poverty

Brother Sun Kids December 2015 in Chumkiri

Download and know our programs to support Cambodian children from vulnerable communities of Kep, Kampot, Takeo and Ratanakiri.

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Teleantioquia, Colombian Television Channel, on Don Bosco Kep

The Colombian Television Channel, Teleantioquia, produced this documentary about the mission of Fr. Albeiro Rodas in Cambodia since 1999 and specially about the development of Don Bosco Kep. It shows also a resume on Cambodian modern history. Although it is in Spanish, it is easy to understand. Currently we are […]

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