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Don Bosco avoids sending 44,059.35 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere

Sunny Portal Don Bosco Kep Profile

       One of the most appreciated projects of Don Bosco in Kep Province is its solar plant that guarantees sustainability and becomes a model of ecology for our time. The PV system power is of 16.572 kWp (see Sunny Portal, 2016). Only in December 2015, the Don Bosco Hatrans […]

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Mechanic Agriculture under Development

Agriculture Machine for Don Bosco Hatrans November 2015

Cambodia is basically a rural country, where 80% of its total population (15 million people), living in rural areas. It puts the Agricultural Sector is one of the pillars of its economy. besides manufacturing, construction and tourism. The development of the rural areas and their capacity to produce, is a […]

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Gov Setha opens road’s works at Don Bosco’s gate

Fr Samnang with Governor Setha October 2015

Governor Satha opens officially the works of asphalt in front to Don Bosco Hatrans. The Thmey Village is known as the ‘Educative Area’ of Kep Province, because it gathers different schools.  The Governor praised the Don Bosco education as a model for the country. H.E, Kem Satha, Governor of Kep […]

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Earth Day in Don Bosco Kep

Volunteer teacher Michèlle Van der Veken from Belgium, led the celebration of the April 22’s Earth Day: “As a geography teacher I thought it would be nice to learn the students something about it,” she says.  The initiative is promoted by Nasa “Earth Day 2014”. “NASA invites you — and everyone else […]

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Don Bosco Kep Pet Snake

Don Bosco Kep. Last Thursday, February 20, one student of the first year of Hospitality, Mr. Mao (not the one of the photo), captured a huge and beautiful non venous snake at the northern side of the football field. The reptile weighted 3 kilograms and measured up to 5 meters […]

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