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Pod-Casting Production Course

Sergio Gaviria Leal Colombian Journalist 2015

During this month the Social Communication Sections of Sihanoukville and Kep got the support of Sergio Gaviria Leal, a Colombian journalist that led a course on Pod-Casting Production. Click here to listen the works of the students and here for the farewell of students to Sergio at the conclusion of […]

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Where do you come from, a Radio experience

radio documentary first page

Kep City – Cambodia & Berlin – Germany – It was the third time that senior expert, teacher and journalist Wolfgang Bauernfeind and radio journalist Michael Ramm came to the Don Bosco Technical School to lead a workshop in media production and reporting with the students of social communication in […]

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Media Documentary Workshop


Don Bosco Sihanoukville and Kep train young people in journalism and social communication since 2007. Many of them are currently working at the Cambodian media or in organizations as social workers. The social communications sections were founded by Fr. Samnang and it has been supported by foreign journalists, many coming […]

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Don Bosco greets Kep Governor for Christmas

H.E. Ken Satha looks at the Master Plan of the Kindergarten and Primary/Secondary School, a next project for Don Bosco Hatrans. "For the part of our local government, I care for this to be realized, because we need it... I hope you can consider too the University, making that some technical sections become also bachelor degree. It is all our interest that Don Bosco does it in Kep," he recommended.

The governor asked Don Bosco to establish a superior center of studies for the region. He underlined the importance of Don Bosco as a model of education. Kep Province needs more skillful personnel and Don Bosco is a good opportunity for many youth.  The visit was a Christmas greetings. A delegation […]

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Bernhard Spengler, culinary expert

Bernhard Spengler

Mr. Bernhard Spengler, a member of the German Senior Experten Service, came to Don Bosco Hatrans this month of October 2014 to lead the construction of the Pastry Section. He searched for machinery donated by different companies in Germany like washing machines for the Medellin Laundry and equipment for the […]

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