Upcoming Interviews in Kep Province (Khmer Audio)

Please help to share it with young people, especially those who are poorer, disabled youth, coming from ethnic minorities, young women or young people in danger of exploitation
Here I attache also the Khmer brochures for distribution. 

Managers contact information
Some particularities this year:
  • Every youth applying to Don Bosco Kep must bring a RECOMMENDATION LETTER from the chief of the village, Buddhist Monk, Priest, Muslim Clergy, a teacher, NGO, etc, that can state their poor social condition or situation of vulnerability. 
  • Young people coming from NGOs who have already a sponsor, need to pay the full amount of the fee for inscription and semester. NGOs will be asked to provide further information on their candidates and sponsors. 
  • There will be three places for interview
    • In Takeo, at the Don Bosco Salesian Cooperator Center of Mr. Sri Thea in Prei Kabas… In charge: Mr. Ponlork… if you have applicants in Takeo, they can come to that region.
    • In Kampot, at the Catholic Church of Chumkiri of Fr. Gianluca Tavola… In charge Mr. Ly Heng. Youth from the north of Kampot can go there… Takeo and Kampot on September 1 and 2.
    • In Kep, at the main campus, on September 5-8. 
  • Applicants to Don Bosco Kep that come from families able to pay the full amount of the real cost of studies, will be asked to pay for the real cost (50% more than the published fees). It will be established by the Social Workers. This ruling apply for any time of the year, if it is disclosed that a family has actually the conditions to pay the real cost.
Welcome to Sponsor a Cambodian young person from poverty, risk of exploitation, disabled, ethnic minorities, young women… to study in Don Bosco.
Real Cost for 1 Student in 1 month: 
100 US dollars
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