Don Bosco Agricultural Center Revision 27th December 2016

Today Fr. Samnang, Rector of Don Bosco Technical School Kep, Mr. Pov Tula, Head Master, Mr. Try Seyha, Rector’s Assistant and Mr. Hem Raksmey, General Works, paid an official visit to the Don Bosco Kep Agricultural Center CHENLA. One main goal of the Don Bosco Kep Agricultural Center CHENLA is to develop the ORGANIC FARM and to become sustainable.


They were welcomed by Mr. Pinna and Mr. Kosal, teachers of the Agricultural Section. They checked the following areas:

The pigsty

The pigsty was cleaned and pigs are fat. There are three pregnant female pigs and many young pigs that seem healthy. But Fr. Samnang is concerned that the living of pigs still very difficult for the animals, causing stress because small space, although it is better than before. He proposed to create a bigger area for them. If we eat them, let us give to them a better life.


Fig 1. This is the proposal to create the pigsty area. It will produce also compos for the garden.

Slaughtering House

We discussed about the slaughtering of animals. We must follow international standards:

  • Animals should not suffer pain when we onslaught them. Think about how to reduce pain.
  • Other animals should not see when we onslaught one.
  • Please build a slaughterhouse in the campus, in a place far from the other animals.


  • Instructions of how to build a slaughtering house by FAO;
  • USAID: Slaughterhouse and Meat Processing Plant.

Goats Production

Please increase the goats’ production. Muslim communities can buy goats if we have enough. Let us study more about it. For example Meat Goat Production.

Garden at the outside land of Chenla

Please plant vegetables on the small piece of land we let for a future residence house. In this area we can sell plants, flowers, etc. We need a shelter too.


Prepare the entrance of the Agriculture Center

These actions:

  1. Create the Chenla Internal access (Prey Kuk Road)
  2. Create the parking lot (Rothe Chenla).
  3. Create a study area at the entrance, around the tree (Chenla Park).
  4. Put the SIGN “Don Bosco Kep Agriculture Center CHENLA): Big sign (both languages).
  5. Description of programs (both languages): Agriculture, animal raising, veterinary, organic farm.
  6. Description of services (both languages): Veterinary, gardening…
  7. Chenla Street at the wall (in three areas)
  8. Address sign.



Our hydroponics are going well…

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