Excellence in Technical Education for the Cambodian Youth

Dear All, I want to present to the administration and teachers’ council of the Don Bosco Technical School Kep the yearly campaign proposal for the Academic Year 2013-2014 under the motto Excellence in Technical Education for the Cambodian Youth. As a proposal it is a subject of adaptations and other ideas. Especially it must be organized and adopted in every technical section and followed by the school’s principal and other academic authorities of our technical centers.


Don Bosco Kep: Excellence in Technical Education for the Cambodian Youth.

It means that the technical schools must improve their technical formation to create technicians that are excellent in two things:

  1. Knowing well their technical skill.
  2. Being excellent citizens for their country.



Improving the technical learning of the students in Don Bosco Technical School Kep according to the exigencies of skill personnel in Cambodia.


  • Guaranteeing the updating of teacher, a following of their lessons’ plan in order to fulfill the academic objectives and applying what teachers learn in their own formation.
  • Creating a culture of study and work, profiting times and making the teachers really coordinators of the formation process of students.
  • Coordinating the contribution of foreign or local volunteers to the educational process of the technical centers.
  • Following the educative process in a way it can be measured and control.
  • Creating a culture of sustainability in the school (production, income generation, networking, team working, cost reductions, charity assistance of students and teachers in their needs, etc.)


  • Giving more authority to the Academic Council as a body of planning, control, evaluation and academic strategies, as well as improving the formation and methodology of teachers.
  • Creating effective practices such as evaluations (either of students or teachers), lesson plans, control and discipline.


  • Regular meetings of the Academic Council (principal, managers of the sections, representatives of teachers and students) to plan, control, evaluate and academic strategies’ design.
  • Regular meetings of the sections to apply and adapt plans, control instruments and strategies provided by the Academic Council.
  • Creation of the Teachers Assembly and election of one teacher representative per section to the Academic Council.
  • Creation of the Students Assembly and election of one student representative per section to the Academic Council.
  • Tools of control:
    • Lessons’ plan.
    • Students’ evaluation (academic, discipline and activities.)
    • Teachers’ evaluation (academic, discipline and activities.)
    • Book of lessons’ registration: Teachers must sign this book located at the managers’ offices where they write down the objective of the lesson and after it, they write observations establishing if objectives were actually fulfilled and other details. Managers are responsible for the book of registration and it might be controlled by the principal in regular bases.
    • Methodology seminars for teachers.
    • Educative administration seminars for managers.
    • Chronogram of activities per month, per semester and per year.
    • Making the campaign of excellence in technical education visible on boards, Good Morning talks, social networks (Facebook) and signs inside and outside the school to be remembered by the educative communities of Sihanoukville and Kep.
    • Portraying to the academic community models of excellence in past pupils, teachers and good students:
      • Inviting successful past pupils to talk to the academic community in Good Morning Talks, Formation moments, the section, to motivate students and teachers.
      • Making public recognition of students and teachers with excellence performance inside or outside the school.
      • Integrating to the academic formation elements such as sport, art and social compromises (students and teachers being volunteers to teach at the youth center or supporting poor communities, teaching at the prison, visiting poor families, etc.)

Academic bodies

  1. Academic Assembly: All the academic representatives of the technical school.
  2. Academic Council: It is formed by the rector, vice-rector, principal, vice-principal, managers, vice-manager, a representative of the teachers per section and a representative of the students per section. The election of the teachers’ representatives must be by done by the same teachers, as well as the one of the students by the same students.
  3. Section Academic Assembly: The managers with all his/her teachers.
  4. Section Academic Council: It is formed by the manager, vice-manager, the teachers’ representative and the students’ representative.

 Fr. Albeiro Rodas (Samnang)

Rector Don Bosco Technical School Kep

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