Bosco Volunteer Action Animator visited Don Bosco Kep

KEP CITY — Bosco Volunteer Action (BOVA), Mrs. Anita Morais from England, visited Don Bosco Kep and other Don Bosco Projects in Cambodia to coordinate the action of volunteers through this organization in UK. Although it was a short visit, it gave a good idea of conditions and needs in order to work together with the Don Bosco houses in the country. 

Visit of Anita from UK April 2017

Mrs. Anita Morais with some of the Don Bosco Kep leaders: Mr. Ponloy Bun, Manager of the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund, Prof. Tula Pov, Head Master, Eng. Seyha Try, Technical Director and Mr. Lyheng Meas, assistant of Children Fund.

Mrs. Anita Morais sent a letter of appreciation for the reception in Cambodia. Here some parts of her message:

One of the volunteers in Phnom Penh, describing her experience of the sharing/thanksgiving session for the second year’s seminar, said that ‘you could feel Don Bosco in that room’. To have a volunteer say that is a great testament to the way you all serve young people through the love and kindness shown not only to them but to anyone that is involved in the community. In a way those words can sum up much of my experience here but I will try to share with you a bit more (…)


Kep also particularly struck me as a unique community evidently striving to be a self-sustaining environment; serving not only the young people but the local community with the use of its facilities; and giving much consideration to issues of inclusion and safeguarding in the activities of the house (…) The beautiful and peaceful view of the sea from Kep was the perfect spot for reflecting on my trip by the end of my travels. I really valued the time I had having many conversations with young people, staff, volunteers from around the world (S. Korea, Australia, Austria, Germany, UK, Italy, Colombia, Peru) Salesian confreres and sisters. The encounters with individuals really added a richness to the whole experience. 

We thanks BOVA for the support since 2011 to send some of its volunteers to Don Bosco Kep and we hope we can continue working together for the best of children and youth in this part of Cambodia.

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