Don Bosco Technical School promotion in Ratanakiri

BANLUNG — Don Bosco Hatrans was created in Kep Province to attend children and youth from Kep, Kampot and Takeo that made the southeast region along the border with Vietnam. But it is also made to welcome children and young people from Cambodian ethnic minorities, mostly located in the provinces of Ratanakiri and Mondolkiri, but many others are present in most Cambodian regions. During the holidays of the Cambodian new year, some of the Don Bosco Hatrans Technical School traveled to Ratanakiri to promote the programs for young people. They visited some villages of Jarai, Kreng and Tampung, as well as the Indigenous Development Office of Banlung where they explained the method of skill formation of young people from poor communities. 8 young people (5 males and 3 girls) applied directly to Don Bosco for the selection of next September 2017, mostly to the agriculture and office administration program. Young people coming from very far communities like the ones of Ratanakiri – 700 hundred kilometers at the north of Kep, have the lodging service inside the school. 

Electricity student Rith with youth from Tampung people in Ratanakiri April 2017

Electricity student Rith explains to four Tampung youth about studies in Don Bosco Kep.

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