Don Bosco Kep in Central German Broadcasting

BERLIN — If you are in Germany, Austria or if you can speak Germany and want to hear something familiar about Don Bosco Hatrans, the social communication project and the great contribution of the Senior Experten Service (SES), just visit this link. This is a program made by the teachers and students of the Don Bosco Hatrans Social Communication Section with the guidance of Mr. Wolfgang Bauernfeind and Mr. Michael Ramm, Seniors Radio Journalist Experts who have come during the last five years to lead workshops on radio, research and reporting in Don Bosco. 

Menschenraub im kalten krieg by Wolfgang Bauernfeind 2016 (small 1)

Senior Radio Journalist expert from Berlin, Mr. Wolfgang Bauernfeind in Don Bosco Hatrans, Kep Province in December 2016.

The programs explains also the roll of Senior Experts in countries like Cambodia, a government program of German with headquarters in Bonn. Skillful persons in retirements have the opportunity to share their experiences in assignments around the world in a win to win situation: the locals get the professional advise of Germans who spent their lives working for companies, universities and many other sectors and the seniors feel they are important and they can continue giving something for the best of society. 

The social communication program was created in 2007 by Fr. Albeiro Rodas, SDB in the Cambodian seaport of Sihanoukville. It has been moved to Kep City in 2011 where there is already a center for media production. Students coming from poor rural areas and ethnic minorities study media during two years to get an associate degree, but Don Bosco is considering to open a night course by October to complete the program as bachelor degree. 

The contribution of volunteers and senior experts from around the world has been a key point to the development of the social communication program in Cambodia. Journalists, media producers, photographers, graphic design experts and many others have come from US, Colombia, Europe and Asia to give their expertise to teachers and young people of a country that thrives to break the circles of poverty. 

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