Don Bosco Past Pupils Encounter 2017

The day was not properly sunny at Kep this Saturday, when a good representation of past pupils of Don Bosco Hatrans arrived from different parts of the country to meet each other at their technical school. There was heavy running all the day and it caused the suspension of the football matches between past pupils, teachers, students and children and the program of inauguration of the new tribune with the assistance of Mr. Gerard van Hal. But the rain could not stop the happiness of the encounter. For some of the assistants, it was also a blessing from heaven. 


The IT Past Pupils during their visit to the Section.

The Don Bosco Hatrans past pupils are among the youngest of all Don Bosco technical schools in Cambodia, just because the center was opened in 2011. Next October 2017 it will mark its 7th anniversary of foundation. The first generation left in 2013. Next month of August, the 4th generation will finish their associate degree programs and look for job. Around 400 young men and women belong now to the past pupils level coming from sections such as Electricity, Social Communication, Office Administration, Information Technology, Art Communication, Agriculture and Hospitality.

The past pupils visited their technical sections were students and teachers prepared a program and sharing experiences. Some of them let contributions to the section in cash and tools for education. The oldest one does not reach the 30 years old yet. “Unlike the past pupils from other Don Bosco schools, our past pupils still young, but they can give something to their school too,” said Fr. Samnang, Rector of the Center.


The Electrical Past Pupils donated all these tools for the Section.

Although the suspension of the original program at the football field for the heavy raining, Mr. Gerard van Hal, Don Bosco Hatrans donor, led a ceremony of giving the sport areas to the academic community in front of the past pupils. 

During the evening Fr. Samnang celebrated a Mass to bless the labor and and life of the past pupils in an ecumenical prayer. For him, the fact that all the alumni belongs to different religions and even none religion, is a sign of peace and an example for the country and the world. In the school there are Buddhist, Muslims, Christians, Animists and no-believers. Students are not oriented to engage in any religion, honoring the principle of religious freedom. 

The Don Bosco Sun Children animated the prayer with their music and songs. After that, the past pupils made their assembly to select the new committee for the period June 2017-2018 with a president, vice president and general secretary. 

President Vice President and Secretary of the Don Bosco Kep Past Pupils Association 2017 2018

Most of the Don Bosco Hatrans past pupils are working in Phnom Penh, but also in Kompong Saom and Kampot provinces. They have jobs in companies like Kampot Cement, Insi Monh Cement Company, Kep Electrical Company, Indochine Garment Factory, Kampot and Kep durian and pepper plantations, Sihanoukville Economic Zone, Kep Province Goverment, PNN TV Channel, TV5 Channel, Kos Santhapheap Newspaper & Media, Bayon TV, Cambodia Television Network, Apsara Television, MyTV, SEATV, Hang Meas HDTV, The Cambodia Daily, The Phnom Penh Post, Radio Free Asia, Voices of America Cambodia, Radio Free Australia, SOMA Farm Kampot, Ming Wuoy Group, IT Mall Cambodia Co., Ltd, NTV Cambodia, hotels, restaurants and tourist agencies. 

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