Hatrans Arena is coming

Mr. Gerard van Hal traveled to Cambodia to make a quick visit to Don Bosco Hatrans in Kep Province and know the new football field’s tribune that he is sponsoring along with other works like the construction of a kindergarten classroom and multipurpose areas for education. He chose the same day of the Don Bosco Hatrans’ Past Pupils gathering in Kep last Saturday, July 15. 


The raining was also a guest at Don Bosco Hatrans, but Mr. van Hal was satisfied to stand before the sports’ tribune in the Hatrans Arena on July 15.

The program would integrate the visit of the Past Pupils to the different technical sections, games at the football field to use the new tribune and a small first opening of the campus by Mr. van Hal.

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and the raining did not stop from morning to night. But it did not stop the presence of the youth filling the whole school and the tour of Mr. van Hal with Fr. Samnang checking the development of the structure. 

Mr. Gerard van Hal, a Dutch entrepreneur based currently in Thailand with his wife Patty, is the founder of Hatrans Transport and a dedicated philanthropist supporting some educative initiatives in Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia. He loves also sports and is behind the support of a Dutch sport team. In Cambodia, it is Don Bosco Educative Project in Kep the one that gets the help of Mr. van Hal since 1999, when he contributed for the buying of the terrain to the name of Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia, the construction of some physical structures like the Hatrans Building, the Don Rua Youth Center and many others. Lastly, he accepted to support the development of the sport facilities to increase the sustainability of the school. But beyond the buildings, Mr. van Hal supports also the children and youth with scholarships. Last September 2, 2016 he donated all his birthday gifts to Don Bosco Hatrans in Kep in a party in Bangkok

The official opening of the Hatrans projects at Don Bosco Kep is already scheduled by next November. 


Engineer Seyha Try, Manager of the Electrical Section, stands at the side of the electronic scores counter that will be placed at the Hatrans Arena. Mr. Seyha is also the leader of the construction of the Tribune that was built with the cooperation of students and teachers.


The first inauguration of the Sports’ Tribune was transferred to the Don Bosco Multipurpose Area, due to the raining, but it did not avoid the feel of commitment and accomplishment.


The Sun Girls practiced all the week at the football field for their traditional Apsara Dancing, but they had to performed in the Multipurpose Area.

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