Condition of Teacher Soon in Vietnam

Teacher Soon of the Front Office Section, now in a Vietnamese hospital in recovery after the accident.

Teacher Soon of the Front Office Section, now in a Vietnamese hospital in recovery after the accident.

Dear friends, today, Monday, March 03, 2014, the communities of the Don Bosco Technical School Kep, Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville and Don Bosco Hotel School Sihanoukville and friends, participated in the funeral of our dear Teacher Ren at the Wat Kraom in Sihanoukville. We appreciate all the messages of nearness and prayers. We continue praying for the consolation of his mother, siblings, friends and companions. We are going to miss him very much and to count on him as an angel to intercede for the best of our Don Bosco mission to support children and young people. On Tuesday, March 04, we are going to make a prayer for his soul at the Don Rua Chapel in Kep City at 16:00 PM with all the community.

Now our thoughts are at the side of Teacher Soon. Last night at 10PM teachers Tula and Ratanak returned from Vietnam and they gave a positive report on his health conditions. His parents and some siblings are with him by now. He was operated of his two arms. The doctor said that he must face a second operation to his head to extract blood on the coming days. Although he cannot speak, Teacher Tula said he was aware, though he seems with high stress, of course. The doctor said he must be at least three months!!! at the hospital. Returning to Kep this morning we stopped at his house and met his grand mother… You can imagine the concern of all his relatives, knowing also that he lost his older brother years ago in another traffic accident…

If any person wants to make a contribution for the health treatment of Teacher Soon, it is possible to send to our Don Bosco Kep account or by any other practical means. Please notify by email or any other way that this is for the health attention of Teacher Soon. The details of the account are these ones:

Name of the bank: Acleda Bank Plc. (Kompot-Kep Branch.)

Account Number: 0700-01-041854-1-8

Address of the Bank: Ekreach St. , Ouspea 1 Village, Sangkat Kandal

Postcode/Area Code: 1149

Swift code. ACLBKHPP

Name of Account holder: Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia

Address of Account holder: Thmey Village, Sangkat Prey Thom, NR 33A , Kep City, Cambodia.

P.O.Box: 9801 . Kep City ,Cambodia.

Any contribution is appreciated for this family as well as the prayers for the best of our dear Soon, who will dream to see again at his place, leading the youth of Don Bosco.

At the same time we are going to design a big campaign to prevent traffic accidents among our own youth first, especially boys and young men, since this is becoming a big cause of young male mortality in modern Cambodia.

Blessings and greetings,
Fr. Samnang

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