Fr. Roel Soto visit to Don Bosco Kep


Fr. Roel gives the Good Nights to the Don Bosco Kep’s residents with a message of giving a lot of importance to education as a key of a better future.

Fr. Roel Soto, Salesian Delegate for Cambodia, pays a short visit the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep Province. It is his first visit to the newest Don Bosco school in Cambodia. Fr. Roel, a Filipino missionary, is currently the rector of Don Bosco Phnom Penh and he was elected by the Salesian Rector Mayor and his council as the first Delegate for Cambodia. He is committed to work in the improvement of the education project of the Don Bosco technical schools, as well as to establish standards for the educational and social projects like the Don Bosco Children Fund. Fr. Roel appreciates the works of development of Don Bosco Kep that began in October 2011 under the direction of Colombian Salesian missionary Fr. Albeiro Rodas (known also as Fr. Samnang). Friday 19th of June he will return to Phnom Penh after meeting managers, accounting, head masters and the social worker for the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund.

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