Opening opportunities for Ratanakiri kids

  • Andoung Meas is a district at the east of Banlung with a big population of Cambodian ethnic minorities where education is seen as a luxury. 
  • We are going to support the initiative of a Don Bosco past pupil who thinks he must do something for his own people. He opened a school at his own home.
  • The children and youth are Jarai, Kreng, Tapung and Khmer from the nearby villages.
  • We need to create a dormitory for children coming from very far villages, so they can attend the public school and receive a complementary education with Thit Rochom. 

Rochom Thit is a Jarai, a Cambodian ethnic minority based mostly in Ratanakiri Province, 700 kilometers at the north of Kep. In July 2014 he finished social communication & journalism at the Don Bosco Technical School (Don Bosco Hatrans). Different to many Cambodian youth looking for better opportunities in big cities like Phnom Penh, he thought on his own people and other Cambodian ethnic minorities of his own province. Working in a local NGO, he asked his parents to dedicate a piece of his land to create one of his dreams: a school for children and teenagers.


Thit gets some books donated through New Rochelle Salesian Missions and Don Bosco Hatrans for his children in Andoung Meas District, Ratanakiri Province. The children belong to ethnic minorities such as Jarai, Kreng, Tampong, Laos and Khmer.

Being a past pupil of the Don Bosco education, Thit applies the rules and methods he learnt in two years in Kep such as formative lessons besides the English and Khmer courses for children from 6 to 15 years old. Most of the children attend the public school of Andoung Meas District, a region at the east of Banlung with a population of more than 2 thousand persons. But the school is not enough, since the problem of teachers remains difficult. “Many come to the region, but then return to their own provinces, others teach, but many times they are absent trying to get extra incomes in plantations… so children get a very low education,” said Thit. 

The Rochon Thit Center is open in the evenings, after the classes in the public school and it is a complement for the children and teenagers. It is located in a wooden house where the classrooms come from a division in the upper room.

Out of Thit, five young persons support his initiative to help local kids: 4 women and a man, all working without a salary. “Thit gave us just for the transport from our villages,” said one of the volunteer teachers. They finished high school and surely they will stop as soon as they can get their own job opportunities or further studies.


The volunteer teachers using uniforms at the Don Bosco style. They work without salary.

Don Bosco Hatrans will join this cause during 2015 to improve the experience of Thit in his mission to give a better education space to the kids of Andoung Meas District in Ratanakiri Province. The Don Bosco Kep Children Fund will lead the process by creating a student residence where kids coming from very far villages can stay the week, attend public school and enjoy the extra-lessons at the Center.

We need to think also in the salaries for six teachers to guarantee their stay and to create the conditions for the best of children and teenagers to get the benefit.


Left three Tapong young men attending the Thit Rochom Center explains to our social communication students of Don Bosco why they attend English lessons and how important they see it for their future. Right Mr. Bonny, Jarai student in Kep.

You can support this Project by donating:

  • Academic material such as chairs, tables, boards, books, laptop or desktop computers, etc.
  • General medicine.
  • Funds to build more classrooms and the students dormitories.
  • Food Program (donate food.)
  • Salaries for six teachers.

Please get in contact with to take action on this new challenge to get near to children and youth from ethnic minorities in Cambodia.


Aspect of the present classroom at the Thit Rochom Center.


Ratanakiri Kep distance

Don Bosco Hatrans is doing presence in Ratanakiri Province as well. Since 2011 it has received 6 students from the ethnic minorities and now it wants to support children through the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund. The distance is not a limit to reach the kids and youth in need.

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