1st Don Bosco Education Mission Trip to Ratanakiri

Don Bosco Kep is planning to celebrate the 1st Don Bosco Education Mission Trip “Brother Sun” to Bokeo and Andong Chey Districts, Ratanakiri Province during the Khmer New Year with some students from Don Bosco Kep. The students must be those of second year who get the first place in their sections after their final semester exam. As we have in Kep 7 sections, they will be 7 students plus Mr. Bun Ponlork, who is the coordinator of the Don Bosco Kep Brother Sun group. Three volunteers of Kep will joint the mission too. There is an invitation for the best students of other Don Bosco schools, but the confirmation still to come.

Thit Rochom center 4

The purpose of the Mission is to involve our educative communities in working with the poorest, especially children and youth and to provide support for unprivileged communities such the Jarai village of Ratanakiri, following the Educational Mission method: to bring the best students and best teachers from the cities to the rural areas in order to share with those who are cut from the main streams of education.

The program will include:

– Color games with children and youth from the Jarai village.
– English and Khmer lessons for small children.
– English and computer lessons for young people of the village.
– Reparation works at the village school.
– Workshops with adults about hygienic and health issues with the support of our volunteers.
– Screening some young people that could joint our technical sections in the coming academic year.
– Tourist visit to some places in Ratanakiri.

The team will leave Kep on Saturday, April 11 and will be back on Friday, April 17.

Donors are welcome to support this idea to cover things such as transport, food, academic material, construction material to repair the village school and other possible things. If you are interested to support this program, please send an email to management@donboscokep.org.

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