Happy Eastern from Don Bosco Kep

Dear benefactors,

            The Time of Eastern remembers us the victory of the Cross over death. It is therefore a sign of Hope. It is a sign that means a lot for our 21st century, a time where we face many global problems such as wars, conflicts, climate change, natural disasters and poverty, but also signs of Unity and Solidarity among peoples from different cultures, traditions, languages, races and religions.


                       Our Cambodia strives to develop its economy. Cambodians want to follow the goals of the Millennium like overcoming poverty, empowering the most vulnerable communities, guaranteeing human rights in all its dimensions. But it is difficult in a country with a poor economy. There are many challenges like corruption, growing of social inequality, poor performance in health and educative systems, human trafficking and many others.

            In Don Bosco Cambodia we are always at the side of the poor and vulnerable children and youth and their families, especially families led by a widow, farmers and people with very little opportunities to overcome poverty.

          Since 2011 Don Bosco Cambodia decided to develop a new place for children and youth in Kep Province, in our Don Bosco Hatrans. We have the intention that this place become an oasis for disabled kids that are completely marginalized from society; poor women like single mothers sending their children to Don Bosco; youth from ethnic minorities like Muslim Cham, Jaray, Kreng and Tapong that also suffer social discrimination or are menaced by the current situation of land grabbing; orphans; and children and youth from rural areas such as Kep, Kampot and Takeo, being the farmers the ones that made the majority of the poor in Cambodia.

            In this reality we bring this sign of Eastern every day, giving hope to the hopeless, opening doors that have been closed to the smallest, enlighten darkness for the people to walk.

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; Upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone. You have brought them abundant joy and great rejoicing” (Isaiah 9, 1-2)

            And we have been able to do these things thanks to people of good hearth ready to support our projects. Thanks to all benefactors who have come to the needs of the poor through Don Bosco.

            From this corner of Cambodia, from Kep, Blessings and Love, Fr. Albeiro Rodas, SDB & Educational Community. Get the PDF of this message. CLICK HERE.

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