Pod-Casting Production Course

Sergio Gaviria Workshops Kep

During this month the Social Communication Sections of Sihanoukville and Kep got the support of Sergio Gaviria Leal, a Colombian journalist that led a course on Pod-Casting Production. Click here to listen the works of the students and here for the farewell of students to Sergio at the conclusion of the level.

Sergio, 26, is a young Colombian professional who finished his formation in Media Communication at the University of Antioquia, doing training at the Teleantioquia TV Channel news program Hora 13. He joint also El Colombiano newspaper and the Q´Hubo magazine as a freelance reporter, while being the manager of communications for the Archery Federation. In the local TV channel Telemedellin was assistant of programs like De Acuerdo (Agree) and De frente for two years. Before leaving Colombia to study English in Australia, he was promoter of culture in the Spain Library and Park of Medellin. Knowing the project of social communication for young people from rural and poor communities in Don Bosco Cambodia, he offered one month of training in one of his main passions: Pod-Casting Production.

Although the short time I have been here, Cambodia became for me an oasis of tranquility for my life, although it was not about holidays, but work, but an intensive work with young students. This time allowed me to know my own self, to see that we can give to others without waiting for retribution and to know fantastic views. You are astonished by the temples, the sculptures, the magic sunsets, the infinite rice fields, the mountains, the beaches and a culture where the calm, kindness, respect and smiling in every Cambodian face make you feel welcomed all the time.

Colombian volunteer Sergio Gaviria with students of social communication in Don Bosco Kep

Sergio underlined also the opportunity to relate with other foreign volunteers in Don Bosco Cambodia: “Companions with a great heart and similar dreams as mine“, but also sharing with the Cambodian young people “with a great will to overcome, the will to know more and more even in their free time” and the clear objetive to finish their studies and work in what they have been trained.

My experience in Don Bosco Technical School was with the students of social communication. I led a workshop on Pod-Cast, concepts of journalism and the management of software and production equipment for radio and television. Teaching to the young even how to admire things, how to deal with information and to be updated about their own country and the world. This young people come from rural areas and before they did not have access to Internet, but now they can Google news, ask questions about their own reality and follow global information.

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