Thanks Mr. Gerard van Hal


The van Hal family in Thailand.

     Mr. Gerard van Hal created Hatrans Logistic Services in the 1970s in Netherlands after a good experience as a fellow agent throughout Europe. The successful business started with three persons in Hengelo and got a rapid growth thanks to the trust of many production companies like wallpaper and textiles. In 1993 the headquarters moved to Oldenzaal and today continues with great commitment.

       Mr. van Hal retired in Thailand, where he married Mrs. Patty Pattranith Chamamporn van Hal, while letting the company to new generations. After knowing the Don Bosco projects in Cambodia for the best of poor children and youth thanks to Fr. John Visser, Mr. van Hal became a very consecrated benefactor in the name of his Hatrans company. But he got in love with the works in Kep Province. In 2000 he contributed in the setting of the new place. In 2005 he donated a part for the construction of the Don Rua Youth Center and in 2011 he promised to continue supporting the leadership of Fr. Albeiro Rodas and the new era of Don Bosco Hatrans. Since then he supported running expenses, fences, sport areas and scholarships for students, while visiting the school every year.

      On December 9 he gave officially the new sports area to the school with his wife and the presence of all the educative community. We appreciate very much the support of Mr. van Hal for Don Bosco in Kep Province.

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