Audio Engineer Course

Audio Engineer Mr. David Ludgiv from Berlin, volunteer at Don Bosco Hatrans.

Audio Engineer Mr. David Ludwid from Berlin, volunteer at Don Bosco Hatrans.

German Audio Engineer David Ludwig is offering a course in audio production to the first year students of social communication & journalism starting this month of March to the end of the semester. Mr. Ludwig studied Audio Engineer at the SAE Institute of Berlin and he is a bachelor in Arts Audio-production. A natural from Berlin, he is traveling Asia and knew the Audiovisual studios of Don Bosco Hatrans this year, offering his time and talents to prepare young people in his own skill as a contribution to the Cambodian young people, specially those coming from poor communities. 

The course practical training in handling microphones, mixers, speakers, audio-software such as Audicity, cutting voices, effects, mixing workshops and other elements that would prepare the students to join the audiovisual industry in Cambodia. The social communication and journalism section of Don Bosco began in 2007 in Sihanoukville and continued in Kep training poor and vulnerable young people in the skills of media. Since then, more than 100 youth of both genders have been engaged in different media companies, especially in Phnom Penh.

Volunteers like Mr. Ludwig play a meaningful role in the development of the Don Bosco technical schools in Cambodia, since it is a charitable organization without a budget to contract local professionals with high salaries, so students coming from the most impoverished realities can join and find better jobs in their near future.

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