Information Technology skill

Information technology skill started at the Don Bosco Kep in 2012 by Fr. Albeiro Rodas (Fr. Ly Samanang).  This Skill provide to students to understand about  Graphic Design , Web  Development, Networking, Computer Maintenance etc. We Provided 20 places each year for both genders to study in this Department.

IT-practical class

This is associate Degree with two years course. The Students need to be flexible with the number and/or coding and committed to do a lot of assignments or research or other fulfill academic condition

Skills Acquired and job opportunities at the End

At the end of the course they should be able to apply for a job as Graphic Designer, Web Development, IT Officer, IT Support, Network installer/controller.


Computer Maintenance, Internet & Email, IT Essential, Graphic Design I & II, Basic Web Design I & II, Computer Basic, Computer programming, CCNA Discovery I & II, Web Design, PHP MySQL / PHP Project, OOP with PHP, Window Server 2012, Content Management System, SE (Software Engineering), Administration, Marketing, English, Mathematics and Khmer. 

Requirement of apply for the skill

The applicant must be finish grade 12 (pass or fail the final exam) and for more information please go to ADMISSION.


Mr Foeut Matnouth IT Teacher ( Studying Bachelor’s Degree ), 096 890 8081
Miss. Phal Kimnhea IT Teacher (Studying Bachelor’s Degree ), 066 617 164 / 086 327 603
Mr Dol Darath IT Teacher (Studying Bachelor’s Degree ),096 612 5048/