The Don Bosco Technical School as a charitable organization, looks for ways to be sustainable. If it is true that we depend mostly from support, it is our duty to look for our own resources and teach it as a social value to our teachers and students. Depending always from external support and doing nothing put in danger the future of any project and creates also a mentality of aid dependency.

For this reason we offer some services to the community of Kep Province and the region under the following principles and values:

  • Learning by doing. Students have the opportunity to have real work experience by doing some services.
  • Teaching the principles of initiative and creativity. Updating our knowledge.
  • Increasing our network of contacts inside and outside Cambodia.
  • Involving the public and private sectors in the education and skill formation of the Cambodian youth.

The services are linked to the same nature of each technical section. When you contract a service of Don Bosco, you are supporting also the education of the students and guaranteeing the self-sustainability of the Project.

To know more about any service, please get in contact: or visit out campus in Kep Province.