Electrical Services

Don Bosco Kep electrical services has provided with higher standard. We have efficiently and effectively helped our customers and we are fully committed to your total satisfaction with safety technical.

All sorts of electrical work can be dangerous. Without adequate preparation and care, it can lead to severe injury or substantial property damage. Even if you anticipate your problem being a simple fix, do not attempt to fix it yourself unless you have a great deal of experience. Make the safe, smart choice and leave this type of work to a professional.

What we can do/offer for our customers are:

  • Electrical system installation, repairing or maintenance
  • Motor installation, repairing or maintenance
  • Air-conditioner installation, repairing and maintenance
  • Welding
  • Water system preparation
  • Electricity system master plan design and calculation
  • Maintenance or repair electronic equipment
  • LED board preparation
  • Solar energy installation, repairing and maintenance

Contact us

Marketing Manager: 098 94 7676 / 066 55 6344/ service@donboscokep.org Engineers: Mr. Try Seyha: 010342544/  tryseyha@gmail.com  Mr. Nun Ramab: 086938565/ nunramap@gmail.com