B&B (Hostel)

Don Rua Youth Hostel is located inside the Don Bosco Kep Campus. It is by the sea and two kilometers north of Crab Market

It is peaceful and safe, a good place to stay if you want to enjoy the beautiful areas around Kep and you want to have a clean and affordable bed.


The hostel has 4 dormitories:

  • Prey Veng Room for males with ten bunk beds and fans.
  • Svay Rieng Room for females with ten bunk beds and fans.
  • Kompung Thom with four bunk beds and air conditioned.
  • Bantean Meanchey with four bunk beds ans air conditioned.

All rooms have lockers, sheets, blankets and towels. Breakfast is not included, but you can order meals at the Prey Thom Cafe where you find free WiFi and television. Check-in is at Prey Thom Cafe.

Room rates
  • Individual: 8 USD per person (aircon: 10 USD).
  • More than 15 persons in group: 2 USD per person (aircon 4 USD)
  • More than 30 persons in group: 1 USD per person (aircon 5 USD)
Meeting room
  • 30 USD (120,000 Riel) – includes projector, flip chart, markers, pencils, A4 paper and drinking water.
  • Breakfast – 2,50 USD (10,000 Riel)
  • Lunch or dinner – 4,50 USD (18,000 Riel), you can choose from the menu
Services and Amenities
  • Bed linen and blankets
  • Free individual lockers (bring your own padlock)
  • Bathrooms (Khmer & Western toilets)
  • Prey Thom Cafe with WiFi & TV
  • Phum Thmey Internet Cafe (charges apply)
  • Medellín Laundry (charges apply)
  • Area for parties (Don Disco Stage) and the sea
  • Service given by the students and teachers of the Hospitality School
  • 24 hours security in campus
  • Beach access
Important Information 
  • We only accept guests between 18 – 35 years old.
  • Check in can be at any time, but rooms are not usually ready before 2:00 p.m. Check out is at 12:00 p.m.
  • Please refrain from smoking inside. Don Bosco is a clean environment.
  • Strictly no sex, no guns, and no drugs inside the hostel.
  • Inform the laundry when you intend to leave if you use that service.
  • The hostel reserves the right to refuse reservations at their discretion.
  • The gate of the school is closed after midnight.
  • Prey Thom Cafe Internet is opened until 9:30 p.m.
  • Please do not make noise, especially after 9:30 p.m.


Enquiries & Reservations

  • Meas Lyheng (lyheng666@gmail.com)
  • Pov Tula (povtula@gmail.com)

For group reservations, please e-mail: management@donboscokep.org