How to Donate

There are a number of ways to make a donation to Don Bosco Hatrans Technical School in Kep Province, Cambodia. For the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund, please visit its official website. If you need a letter of reference for tax exception in your country after you donated, please contact us.

Bank Transfer

It is probably the safer and more recommended way, although banks get always their own benefit from any bank transition. Bank transfers have the benefit that you get your own bank statement for your own account and tax exceptions. The official bank of Don Bosco Hatrans is Acleda Kep Branch, a Cambodian bank. Please notice that Cambodian banks do not have IBAN yet. You can send donations through the official bank accounts of Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia. Before making any transaction, please get in touch with us.

Western Union

It is a very easy way to wire funds and it would be probably cheaper than using a bank. However, be sure it is accepted by your company or tax system. There is an office of WU in the Acleda bank of Kep City, making it easier.

Visit the School

If you visit the school you can get an idea of the Project and its social impact. Letting your support directly, will make a difference.

Sending material

A Technical School needs a lot material to guarantee the training of students. Maybe you have to change the whole set of computers of your company. Most of those computers could be a great tool for Cambodian students.