Foreign or local volunteers have been a huge force for the development of Don Bosco projects in Cambodia since 1991. Their task is to train the staff and students in Languages, Education, Administration, and Social Work.

Volunteers come from all continents, many from volunteers´ associations, others as independent individuals.

Volunteer Associations

Please check if there is a volunteer association in your country and apply for it. Be aware that some associations are only business living from asking money from good heart people in order to have a volunteer experience. Those associations request payments in thousands to bring you to poor countries.

How to trust an association:

  • They don’t ask extra-payments. The most common costs you could assume have to see with an international travel insurance that could cost between $500 and $1,000 USD and your travel. Some other organizations cover those expenses.
  • There is a direct contract between the association and the organization in sito. You must be aware of that contract and what is your assignment, as well as the compromises from the organization in sito.

Applying directly

Coming through a volunteer association gives you support from both organizations: the one that sends you and the one that welcomes you at the country. But still you can apply directly to the organization in sito. Normally you are expected to cover all expenses such as international insurance, travel and stay. Do not expect that a charitable organization covers your international insurance and travels, but many would help with stay and meals at the place. Do not expect suits and golden meals either. Charitable organizations thrive to keep their running cost and they will not accept a volunteer that would increase that running cost of the project.  Some organizations could cover some pocket money, but it is also something coming out of their good will and possibilities.

Independent volunteers or those who applied directly to the local organization, must provide enough documents for references. In places where there are children and youth, you will need to provide police records as well. Prepare a good number of documents that would give an idea of who are you and your skill formation.

How to apply to Don Bosco Hatrans

Please request the form from management@donboscokep.org. Fill it and send it back with the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae: It is important to know your professionalism. It is a Technical School and volunteers must have a skill to share with it.
  • References: If we don’t know you, increase your authority by providing standing references.
  • Police record: Getting it is very easy in most countries now and national police departments have online services. Requesting a police record can seem disturbing, especially if you are a honest person, but it is a policy for the protection of Cambodian children and youth. It increases your authority too. If you were convicted of minor crimes when you were young, please don’t be afraid to present it. The only crimes that would prevent you to be accepted as a volunteer are those related with underage molestation, involvement or supporting terrorist activities, participating in groups that promote racism, xenophobia, women’s oppression, homophobia, human trafficking, children exploitation, environment destruction and crimes against humanity.

What Don Bosco can offer:

  • For full time volunteers staying for more than 3 months, we could afford to offer a room for sleeping and meals. If you have the capacity to cover the cost of room and meals, it will be of great support for the project. Part time volunteers or volunteers for very short time, can look for hospitality outside the Technical School and cover their own cost.
  • Transport inside Cambodia that has to see with your assignment, will be covered by Don Bosco.

What you have to cover:

  • Any international travel from your country to Cambodia and the return. It includes any extension of your stay in Cambodia. If you decide to stay more time as a volunteer, any cost derived from such offering must be covered by you.
  • The International Travel Insurance. It is obligatory. If you get sick during your time in Cambodia, make sure that your insurance will cover any expenses for hospitals, medicine, ambulance, international ambulance and future consequences from any sickness.
  • Any tour you arrange inside Cambodia or in the Southeast Asia region.

Make sure that your volunteer offering service goes in aligned with the needs of the Don Bosco Technical School. Here a list of what we really need:

  • Training our own teachers in their fields (pedagogy, method, updating knowledge). The sections are:
    • Social Communication and Journalism. Media Communication.
    • Information Technology and Language.
    • Office Administration.
    • Electricity, Electronics and Welding.
    • Hospitality and Tourism.
    • Agriculture and Veterinary.
  • Improving the maintenance of equipment and updating technologies. Each section has its own workshop. There is also the solar plant, water and electrical system. Activities tended to support the care, maintenance, repair or replacement of equipment is welcome.

Contact us now if you are interested: management@donboscokep.org. Check also our policies for volunteers & policies for child protection.