Our Needs

For need relating the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund, please visit its official site.

Running a charity based technical school for young people from vulnerable and poor communities needs a lot of commitment and love. Don Bosco Cambodia is committed to stay at the side of the poorest. It means the following:

  1. Our students are chosen annually from very poor communities, farmers, indigenous, youth that are physically challenged, young women and children of workers.
  2. Our students are not able to pay the full amount of our real cost. They can assume only a 20% of it.
  3. We have to look for support for the running cost of the school.
  4. We have also some programs to guarantee sustainability of the school such as our agriculture program. Support these programs is very important and it will make the school strong to survive.
  5. The covering of students scholarships is a way to support the school. We ask $25 per month or $300 per year per student, however, it is not yet the 100% of the real cost of each student.
  6. Providing material for the school will guarantee its sustainability. Material can be things such as computers, projectors, TV sets for teaching, covering the maintenance of the solar plant and water and electrical systems, school kitchen, providing nutritional food for students and even donating a car for school transport of children and youth.