Visit Us

You are welcome to visit our Don Bosco Hatrans Technical School anytime of the year. Be aware that the school is closed between the middle of September to the middle of October, during the Khmer New Year (middle of April), on weekends and holidays. If you are planning to visit Cambodia and want to see our school, email us to or call us from abroad to (855) 97.371.2020 (you can add us to W/app to that same number). Please print this map locator of Don Bosco in Kep Province if you are arriving by bus from Phnom Penh:Map to Don Bosco Kep

NR33A, Thmey Village, Prey Thom Commune, Kep District, Kep Province, P.O. Box 9801,, W/app (+855) 97.371.2020, Phone: