Production and animals health skill

Agriculture science focus on production and animals health skill established in 2013 by Fr. Albeiro Rodas (Fr. Ly Samnang). This two years course provide our students to understand of farming management,  vegetables plantation, animals raising, animal health etc. The students need to do more in the real practice and shoule be committed and love to work in the farm in order to get more benefit and fulfilment the academic condition.

Agriculture activities

We provided about 20 places for every year for both genders.

Skill acquired and job opportunity at the end

After finished two years course the students should be able and could look for the job in the field of agriculture or farm or any company who’s working with plantation or animals raising and also the students could have the ability to make their farm by starting their own farm business.

Major activities during the course period

Assist of any works in the farm of Don Bosco Farm like animals , vegetable and/or tree plantation and also field visit/academic visit in the farm or the village around the area.

Requirement to apply for the skill

The students grade 12 will be more easy to go along but also those who below than grade 12 could apply also. For more information please go to ADMISSION.


Veterinary Medicine, Artificial breeding pigs, Animal Anatomy, Bird production, Animal feed of production, Horticulture, Production animals chewing Ieng, Animal Disease Epidemic, Vegetable Production Techniques, Mushroom production techniques yarn, Fish Production, Rice Production, Engine Theory, Computer, English Language, General Agriculture, Technical pet frog in the pool, vaccines using for animals. 


Mr. Gnil Vy (Manager of department), 010 45 35 71
Mr. Sam Pheana (Teacher), 087 28 29 67
Mr. Tep Kosal (Teacher),, 096 43 51 811