Social Communication skill

Social communication skill founded in 2007 at the Don Bosco Sihanoukville by Fr. Albeiro Rodas (Fr. Ly Samnang) and established in 2011 at Don Bosco Kep by following the same major procedure. Social communication focus on mess media like video production or film making, Journalism, photographer, designer, video editor, communicator etc.

social students practising camera

students practicing camera

Sound editing class

Sound editing class

This is associate degree with two years programs. We selected about 20 students every year to provide the skills. The students need to product many video/film or video documentary, reporting and especially love to work as a communicator or any related work in media.

Skill acquired and job opportunities at the end

By the end of the course the students should be able and could working in the field of Journalist, video editor, cameraman, photographer, director/film maker, script writer, presenter, designer, sound and lighting controller.

Requirement to apply to the skill

The applicant must be finished grade 12 (pass or fail the final exam) and for more information please go to ADMISSION.

Major activities during the course period

In order to get the most benefit the students should take a lot of actions and follow very strict procedure in doing assignment by making a lot of photos, video, reporting, editing etc. There is also include academic visit, interview, reporting news and  film making.


Social Communication, Basic Computer,Basic Internet,Script writing, Camera Operator, Video Editing, Journalism, Radio & Sound Operator, Photography, General English, Ethics and Law, TV Show, Social Media, Psychology of Communication, Graphic Design and Layout, Content Creation, Project works, Moral, Physical Education


Fr. Ly Samnang (Manager),

Mr. Seng Thy (Vice manager) ,

Mr. Math Eemrorn (Teacher),

Mr.  Moeut Asmath(Teacher),

Mr. Bo Khem (Teacher),

Mr. Ngong Sann (Teacher),

Mr. Soun An (Teacher),

Mr. Chhin Thearath (Teacher),