Fees Academic Year 2017-2018

The following are the fees for the Academic Year 2017-2018 as approved by Don Bosco Cambodia for Kep Province. Please be aware that the fees include the spend of food, electricity, stationary, uniforms and the usage of internet. It does not include a school fee and salaries. Therefore, the fee does not cover the total real cost. In order to established the real cost, you should add between 50 and 70% more to these fee scheme. If any applicant to Don Bosco comes from a social and family condition that allows them to pay the 100% of the fee, the social workers of Don Bosco Kep Children Fund will asset the situation and the family will be asked to pay the full amount. It includes applicants coming from organizations where they have a benefactor paying the full fees.Cost School fees for New Academic-Semester I-2017-2018

Contribution fee-2017-2018-SemesterI-YearI

School fee 2017-2018-SemesterI-Year II


  • Getting their own laptop is a good recommendation, though it is not an obligation knowing the poor conditions of families. Thanks to benefactors who can provide a laptop to a student.
  • Be aware that students don´t use hand phones in the school. Resident students at the campus are completely forbidding of having a mobile. If you are a benefactor of one students, please don´t give a phone to the student. A laptop or other academic material is more useful.
  • Every applicant must bring also a recommendation letter from a NGO, chief of the village, pagoda, priest, pastor, Muslim leader, school teachers, etc, stating the social and family condition of the applicants.
  • Applicants with good social and family conditions will be asked to pay the full scholarship fee of the school – normally it is 50% more than the official fees. The Don Bosco Kep Children Fund´s social workers can asset that social and family condition anytime and thus the fee can be increased at any time.
  • Applicants coming from organizations such as orphanages where they have benefactors paying their education, will be requested to cancel the full amount of the scholarship (normally between 50 and 70% more than the official fee). If your applicant has already a benefactor, please report it, because Don Bosco is also a charitable organization.