Currently there is not work for volunteers. Keep tune when it will be an opportunity. You can request information in management@donboscokep.org


How you can help? In Don Bosco Technical School and Children Fund – Kep Province, Kingdom of Cambodia, we have many programs where you can live the experience and serve those who are really poor and vulnerable. We believe that education is one of the main tools to fight poverty in countries like Cambodia and we do it at the style of Don Bosco.

Get in contact with us and know how you can join our programs as a volunteer.


Don Bosco Cambodias Volunteers

Since 2011, foreign volunteers have been a very important support for the development of the Technical School and the Children Fund. We have had volunteers from all the continents spending between 3 to 12 months in different areas. The role of organizations like the Senior Experten Service (SES) from Germany, Bosco Volunteer Action from England, Sawasdee Foundation from the Netherlands, Salesian Lay Missioners from USA, Don Bosco Mondo from Germany and many others like independent volunteers, help us in many ways like the qualification of the curriculum, constructions, fundraising and administration. It is important to know that we appreciate your time, talents and knowledge to our educative community of children, youth and young teachers.

In order to coordinate any possible application, please follow this general policies:

  • We prefer applications coming from established volunteer associations such as the ones mentioned above. See in your own country if there is an organization for volunteers abroad with special attention to Cambodia. Be aware that some self-call “volunteer organizations” are only business charging persons with high fees. Some of those fake organizations are connected to illegal orphanages where children are used as a way to rise funds for corruption.
  • If you want to apply directly to Don Bosco Kep, please send your CV to albeiror24@gmail.com or management@donboscokhmer.org. Include also references and a police record.
  • Have in account that we engage volunteers only for education in areas such as social communication, audiovisual, IT, art, hospitality, electricity, electronics, agriculture, tailoring, English and social work. We don’t have programs for construction or others out of the field of education, at least there is a special requirement.
  • Independent volunteers must cover expenses such as stay, meals and laundry. You can choose to rent a place outside the school or pay to the school 300 USD month per hospitality (room, meals and laundry).
  • We can assist in the application of a volunteer visa if you are going to stay more than 3 months in Cambodia. You cover any cost of it. You have to send a photocopy of your passport and a photo to the secretary of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia. Remember, we don’t give visas, it is a right of the Cambodian government. We only can request it.
  • We don’t offer job opportunities to foreign personnel, because we are a charitable organization. Volunteers don’t receive any stipend.
  • Take in account that Don Bosco is a religious Catholic organization. There is not a special religious condition for you as a volunteer, as there is not religious propaganda to children, students and teachers within the Don Bosco schools. You can belong to any religious group or believing. We are not going to ask you for it or to make you participate in any religious activity. Inside Don Bosco there is a completely freedom of religion. The only condition is the respect and tolerance for any other religious group and, in particular, for the Catholic Church. Inside Don Bosco Kep you will find students and teachers who are Buddhist, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics and agnostics and ateos.
  •  Keep your personal life private inside the school, remember you are working with children, youth, teachers and the poor. Give a good example before them.
  • Don’t make promises to children and youth, don’t give special gifts. If a child or youth ask you money or special favors, contact the administration or the social workers.
  • Please keep our child safe policies for protection. Adults and persons with responsibilities inside the school must not engage with special relations with students. Under any circumstances a student or kid should enter your dormitory, stay alone with you in private places such as offices or cars and leave the school with you without a legal authorization and reason. Volunteers should not engage in prostitution, drugs or illegal activities in Cambodia.
  • It is advisable you study about Asian and Cambodian mentality and culture. Respect traditions and ideas. Cambodians are 80 % rural. Don’t try to impose cultural elements from your own country. You should open a dialog with the culture in a very respectful way.
  • Be aware that Cambodian is a tropical country. Be ready to endure temperatures of 30`C  (86`F) – December to February are cooler. April to July can be very hot. If you don’t tolerate hot weathers, look for cooler countries like Mongolia, Siberia, the North Pole. In resume, we can offer meals with our community and a private room within our possibilities for 300 USD per month minimum:

We can offer

  • The room has a fan – if you need air-conditioning, you have to pay a monthly fee of 50 USD to use it, because it spends a lot of power and we suffer with electrical bills and our solar plant does not work with air-cons.
  • The meals are made of rice, meats and local food. Vegetarians and vegans must cook for themselves, because our cooks have not time to follow it.

You must pay for your own plain ticket, visa and international insurance.

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