Donations 2016

Please follow this table with all donations in funds and equipment in favor of Don Bosco Hatrans Technical School and Don Bosco Kep Children Fund. Please visit this link to know how you can donate or send equipment to the benefit of children and youth people from the provinces of Kep, Kampot, Takeo and Ratanakiri.

Date Donor Funds or Equipment Project Details
12.31.15 Gerard van Hal 2,200 USD Scholarships Technical School To support technical students.
12.31.15 SSCR 5,820 USD Children Fund Scholarships for children.

01.02.16 Mr. Jean Luc & Mrs. Ling Lebrun 500 USD Agriculture Center Donation in favor of the two Golden dogs – Missy and Charlie.
 01.02.16 Mr. Wolfgang & Mrs. Uti Bauernfeind 1,000 Euro Running Expenses Mr. and Mrs. Bauernfeind are SES experts from Berlin. They gave their contribution personally in Don Bosco.
 01.02.16 Andrea von Arnim & Christoff Aschoff 300 Euro Running Expenses They come from Berlin sent the donation with Mr. Bauernfeind.
 01.02.16 Mr. Leo Brown 300 Euro Running Expenses Mr. Brown sent the donation with Mr. Baurnfeind from Berlin.


Please follow this link to know how you can donate to Don Bosco Hatrans and Don Bosco Kep Children Fund. If you want to sponsor a kid, please see this link: Don Bosco Kep Children Fund Looking for Sponsors January 2016.