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Hospitality students at Thansur Bokor Resort

Fr. Ly Samnang, sister Mary Eng and Teacher Lyheng made a visit to Thansur Bokor Resort on March 21, 2014 to know the organization and possibilities to continue the training of the Hospitality Section at that hotel. They were welcome by Mr. Michael W. Brabsché, the general manager, Mr. Emre Erkan, […]

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Teleantioquia, Colombian Television Channel, on Don Bosco Kep

The Colombian Television Channel, Teleantioquia, produced this documentary about the mission of Fr. Albeiro Rodas in Cambodia since 1999 and specially about the development of Don Bosco Kep. It shows also a resume on Cambodian modern history. Although it is in Spanish, it is easy to understand. Currently we are […]

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Empowering disabled youth

Mien 10

Anh, a handicap boy from Kampot, took the challenge to learn a technical skill in Don Bosco Kep. The school is looking for funds to create a handicap friendly campus. Just the lift has a cost about 30,000 USD. Anh is the pioneer of future handicap boys and girls who […]

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