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Children’s Day in Don Bosco Kep

June 1 2015 Children's Day in Don Bosco Kep

The Don Bosco Kep Children Fund celebrated this June 1st the International Children’s Day at the Technical School Campus. More than 80 children from the Don Bosco Kindergarten, Children Fund and others joint a program led by teachers, social workers and volunteers. In Cambodia, it is a holiday. With this […]

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1st Don Bosco Education Mission Trip to Ratanakiri

Andoung Meas public school

Don Bosco Kep is planning to celebrate the 1st Don Bosco Education Mission Trip “Brother Sun” to Bokeo and Andong Chey Districts, Ratanakiri Province during the Khmer New Year with some students from Don Bosco Kep. The students must be those of second year who get the first place in their sections […]

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Opening opportunities for Ratanakiri kids


Andoung Meas is a district at the east of Banlung with a big population of Cambodian ethnic minorities where education is seen as a luxury.  We are going to support the initiative of a Don Bosco past pupil who thinks he must do something for his own people. He opened […]

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How Don Bosco Kep children see Ellen and Hector

The social workers asked the DBKFC to make drawings about Ellen and Hector of Sawasdee Foundation previous to their visit. This is how they see them:

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