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Don Bosco Kep in Central German Broadcasting

Don Bosco Cambodia in Berlin Radio 2017

BERLIN — If you are in Germany, Austria or if you can speak Germany and want to hear something familiar about Don Bosco Hatrans, the social communication project and the great contribution of the Senior Experten Service (SES), just visit this link. This is a program made by the teachers […]

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Pod-Casting Production Course

Sergio Gaviria Leal Colombian Journalist 2015

During this month the Social Communication Sections of Sihanoukville and Kep got the support of Sergio Gaviria Leal, a Colombian journalist that led a course on Pod-Casting Production. Click here to listen the works of the students and here for the farewell of students to Sergio at the conclusion of […]

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Journalists sharing experiences with students

Ricardo with the students 5

Friday 27th of November was a ‘normal’ day at the school, meaning a working or studying day after the three ‘Water Festival’ holidays – even if the government suspended the 2015 Boats’ Festival (as its name should be translated in English), the holidays on the calendar were honored around the […]

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Where do you come from, a Radio experience

radio documentary first page

Kep City – Cambodia & Berlin – Germany – It was the third time that senior expert, teacher and journalist Wolfgang Bauernfeind and radio journalist Michael Ramm came to the Don Bosco Technical School to lead a workshop in media production and reporting with the students of social communication in […]

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Noemi and Mahdi, volunteers from France


Noemi Nayaun Don, 27, and Mahdi Raiss, 26, are graduated from the University of Paris. Both in political science, but with different interests: Nayaun in media, she has done a master degree in journalism and is a outstanding leader at the French Television, while Raiss, born in Morocco, with experiences in […]

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