Our Campus

  • Easy access at the National Road 33A.
  • Sea side.
  • Bed & Breakfast.

Don Bosco Hatrans is located at the west of the Kep Peninsula, in Prey Thom Commune, Thmey Village, Kep City, about 2 kilometers at the north of the Crab Market and 8 kilometers at the south of the White Horse Monument. In 1999 DBFC bought 3 hectares of land at the sea side for education. Some donors contributed for the construction of three buildings: the Staff House, Tailoring and a Youth Center. There was a sewing school from 2000 to 2011 when the new development began under the leadership of Fr. Albeiro Rodas.

The limits of the campus are:

  • West: Kep Bay.
  • East: National Road 33A.
  • South and North: Empty plots.

At the other side of NR33A there is the Department of Education and an official school.

The Campus offers some services:

  • Two Internet Cafe: Prey Thom (WiFi) and Phum Thmey.
  • Tailoring (uniforms, traditional dresses, hotel stuff)
  • Electrical Service to the Kep region.
  • Small engine services (motorbikes and cars.)
  • Kindergarten.
  • Audiovisual services (weddings, audiovisual stuff)
  • Music band and traditional dancing.
  • Bed & Breakfast (7 USD / night)
  • Tha Prom Hostel (rooms from 100 USD / month.

You can visit the Campus any time and enjoy the sea and bring your children to the Don Bosco Children Park. Security 24/7. Please announce your visit at the guard.



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