Don Bosco Kep welcomes volunteers who are physically challenged.

Thanks for your interest in providing volunteers service to Don Bosco Technical School and Children Fund, Kep Province, Cambodia. Volunteers have provided a great imput to the development of our educative community since 2011. Feel free to apply or get in touch (WhatsApp (+855) 973712020 / management@donboscokep.org /

Our needs

To make sure that your volunteer service is in line with the needs of the school, here is a list of what we really need:

  • EDUCATION: Training our own teachers in their specific fields – upgrading their skills, improving on their teaching method, introducing better standards and measures, reinforcing their motivation, curiosity and creativity, etc. Our areas of work are in:
    • Social Communication and Journalism
    • Information Technology
    • Office Administration
    • Electricity, Electronics and Welding
    • Hospitality and Tourism
    • English language
  • ENVIRONMENT CARE & PERMACULTURE: Don Bosco Kep is a member of Don Bosco Green Alliance. Read here too. Here our challenges:
      • a) Recovery of the mangrove area in front of the school.
      • b) Planting trees inside the main campus, the farm land (Chenla Land) and participating in reforestation projects led by the local government in Kep Province and by other organizations with green projects.
    • ANIMAL PROTECTION: Guaranteeing that our Don Bosco campus is friendly to local fauna such as sea creatures (around the mangrove), passing and stationary birds, squirrels, different kinds of reptiles, bees, etc.
    • SUSTAINABILITY: Leading a project of formation with our children and youth to learn the culture and mentality of recycling, reusing material, reduction of plastics, organic compost production, etc.
  • MAINTENANCE: Improving the maintenance of equipment and updating technologies. Each section has its own workshop or lab. There is also a solar plant, a water system and electrical system.

Applying through a Volunteer Association

There are two groups of volunteers:

  1. Those coming from Volunteers’ Associations that have agreements with Don Bosco. It is easy, because the contract is established already between Don Bosco and the association. The association sends the volunteers and assumes the duties of selection and other details.
  2. Those coming in an INDEPENDENT way. In Don Bosco Kep we have the experience of persons who come independently to Don Bosco since 2011 and it has been positive in most of the cases. Of course, it implies more work of preparation either for the volunteer or for Don Bosco, because both parts have to assume the tasks that a volunteers’ association would take in a regular way. For example, the volunteer has to make the efforts to send references to Don Bosco for their selection. In many cases, a good reference helps. Some volunteers have the reference of a former volunteer, or even an organization, etc.

Applying directly

Please download the application form fill it and send it back with the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae: Yes, we know that it can mean nothing, especially for so many people who really care about humanity and not about titles. But it is also important to know something about you. It will help us to know where you will match in our educative project. So please send us a resume and smile 🙂
  • Police record: Of course, it is annoying, especially if you are a honest person – but even if you got some problems with authorities during those crazy teen days. But we work with kids and it is mandatory. Now it’s easy to get a police record and, be sure, that a long time ago issue with authorities will not make any discrimination.

If you have any difficulty in providing these documents – it can happen, get in touch and we look for the ways to resolve the paper issues.

What Don Bosco can offer

Get in mind that we don’t have funds for volunteers. We are not strictly a volunteers’ association. We are an educative institution for Cambodian children and youth. It means we cannot offer things like international tickets, international insurance, consulate expenses, etc.

If you will be a FULL TIME volunteer with us, we can offer a room and meals. The condition is that you will be a full time volunteer and for at least three months. Full time volunteers that will be with us more than 12 months, we can make a request to the Cambodian government for the VOLUNTEERS’ VISA.

If you will be a partial time volunteer, you can take lunch with us. But you have to look for your own lodging in Kep Province.

Don Bosco cannot be used as a method to migrate into Cambodia. Something like be a volunteer in any organization, just give some English lessons while you know the country and get a real job. Persons with such plan in mind, please do not apply for respect for the children and youth especially.

Just remember that Don Bosco is a school. We are experts in education. Therefore, if you apply to be an English teacher, we will expect that you are a real teacher or have any kind of expertise that would give you the authentic authority on it.

What you have to cover

  • Any international travel to and from Cambodia, including any cost incurred if you change your flight date must be covered by you.
  • International travel insurance is mandatory, make sure your insurance will cover medical expenses such as admission to hospital, medicine, surgery, ambulance service, repatriation, etc.
  • Any recreational travel during your stay.
  • Cambodian visa.

Visit our Facebook Page for Don Bosco Cambodia’s Volunteers. Also read our Further Volunteer Information and Child Protection Policy.