Foreign or local volunteers have played an important role in the development of Don Bosco Technical School in Kep since 1991.

Our needs

To make sure that your volunteer service is in line with the needs of the school, here is a list of what we really need:

  • Training our own teachers in their specific fields – upgrading their skills, improving on their teaching method, introducing better standards and measures, reinforcing their motivation, curiosity and creativity, etc. Our areas of work are in:

    • Social Communication and Journalism
    • Information Technology
    • Office Administration
    • Electricity, Electronics and Welding
    • Hospitality and Tourism
    • English language
  • Improving the maintenance of equipment and updating technologies. Each section has its own workshop or lab. There is also a solar plant, a water system and electrical system.

Applying through a Volunteer Association

We prefer applicants from established volunteer associations, especially one which has interest in Cambodia. Be aware that some self styled “volunteer organizations” are really businesses charging high fees and these should be avoided.

Applying directly

Please download the application form fill it and send it back with the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae: It is important we know your education, training and work experience. Ours is a technical school and volunteers must have a skill to share with us.
  • This will help us to know you better.
  • Police record. Getting it is very easy in most countries now and national police departments have online services. Requesting a police record can seem disturbing, especially if you are a honest person, but it is a policy for the protection of Cambodian children and youth.

What Don Bosco can offer

  • For full time volunteers staying for 3 months or more, we can offer a room and meals for just 50 USD per month.
  • Work related local transport will be covered by Don Bosco.

What you have to cover

  • Any international travel to and from Cambodia, including any cost incurred if you change your flight date must be covered by you.
  • International travel insurance is mandatory, make sure your insurance will cover medical expenses such as admission to hospital, medicine, surgery, ambulance service, repatriation, etc.
  • Any recreational travel during your stay.
  • Cambodian visa

Also read our Further Volunteer Information and Child Protection Policy