Kep Province: Don Bosco Technical School, Kep Province, held a certificate awarding ceremony for the 8th generation students, presided over by Mr. Som Piseth, Governor of Kep Province, as well as HE Lok Chumteav at the provincial level. Fr. Ly Samnang, Inspector of Don Bosco Technical School, Kep Province, as well as teachers, principals, staff and teachers in the 2019-2021 school year.

Fr.Ly Samnang, Inspector of Don Bosco Technical School in Kep Province, told the graduates of 2019-2021 to apply the skills they have learned to work to develop themselves, their families and develop the Cambodian society.

In addition, the priest also reminded all students to be good, honest, respect people around them, respect religion and social law, avoid drugs.

The ninth generation of students who studied for two years, from 2019-2021, were 179, of which 87 were women in four majors: social communication and media, accounting and secretarial, IT and electrical skills.

Mr. Som Piseth, Governor of Kep Province, thanked Don Bosco School for its professional training in Kep for more than 10 years. In the presence of this school, young men and women in the area have gained knowledge, skills, especially students from Don Bosco school in Kep province have good morals and good order.

However, HE also wished the students who graduated on that occasion to get a good job for life and become a good person in society.

As of 2021, Don Bosco Technical School in Kep Province has trained more than 1,000 students, with more than 90% of the graduates getting jobs and some taking skills from the school to create jobs. Myself.

The students who come to this school must be poor young men and women from different provinces in Cambodia.

It should also be noted that Don Bosco Technical School in Kep is an NGO school under the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia of the Catholic Community.

The school was established during 2001, when it taught tailoring skills.

The school currently has four major majors, offering students two years of study in social media and media, accounting and secretarial.

Information technology and electrical skills.

In addition to vocational training, Don Bosco Technical School in Kep also has a Children’s Fund program, which focuses on children in the province and in some vulnerable areas, such as children in Prey Kabas district, Takeo province, and children in Koh Sla commune, Chhouk district, Kampot province. In addition, the Children’s Fund has been on a mission to Ratanakkiri, a remote province in Cambodia.

As well as helping children who could not afford to go to school, the Don Bosco Foundation provided accommodation and food at the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep. And for some children, the fund provides school supplies and bicycles for school trips.