Further Volunteer Information

Volunteer Policies

  • We don’t offer paid job opportunities to foreign personnel because we are a charitable organization. Volunteers don’t receive any stipend.
  • Although Don Bosco is a Catholic organization there is no special religious requirement for you as a volunteer, as there is no religious propaganda to children, students and teachers within the Don Bosco schools. You can belong to any religious group or belief as inside Don Bosco there is complete freedom of religion. The only condition is the respect and tolerance for all religious group and, in particular, for the Catholic Church. Inside Don Bosco Kep you will find students and teachers who are Buddhist, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics agnostics and atheists.
  • You will be expected to write reports about your experience during your time at DBSK. This should include an evaluation of your own school activities and the education environment, as well as any recommendations you might have.
  • Keep your personal life private inside the school, remember you are working with children, youth, teachers and the poor. Set a good example to them.
  • Don’t make promises to children and youth and don’t give special gifts. If a child or youth asks you for money or special favours, contact the administration or the social workers.
  • Please keep to our Child Protection Policy. Adults and persons with responsibilities inside the school must not engage in special relations with students. Under no circumstances should a student or child enter your dormitory, stay alone with you in private places such as offices or cars, or leave the school with you without a legal authorization.
  • Volunteers should not engage in prostitution, drugs or illegal activities in Cambodia.
  • It is advisable that you study Asian and Cambodian mentality and culture, and respect traditions and ideas. 80 % of Cambodians come from rural areas so do not try to impose cultural elements from your own country. You should open a cultural dialog in a very respectful way.
  • Volunteers should be careful about what they write on social media during their time at DBSK as it will reflect back to the school.


  • We can assist in the application of a volunteer visa if you are going to stay at Don Bosco for more than 12 months, but you have to cover the cost. You should send a scan of your passport, a 4 x 5 cm photo, your CV and scan of your air ticket to the secretary of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia. Remember, we don’t give visas, the Cambodian government do that, we can only request it. Volunteers staying for less than 12 months need to apply for a visa by themselves.
  • Be aware that Cambodia is a tropical country. December to February are cooler, typically around 30 oC (86 oF) , but March to May can be up to 40 oC (104 oF). If you can’t tolerate hot weather you will not be comfortable here.
  • Part time or short term volunteers can choose to rent a place outside the school or pay USD 300 a month to stay in the school. This charge includes room, meals and laundry.
  • Every volunteer’s room has a fan – if you need air-conditioning you have to pay a monthly fee of USD 50 because air-con uses a lot of electricity and our solar plant cannot power it.
  • The meals in the school consists of rice, meat and local vegetables. Vegetarians and vegans must cook for themselves because our cooks have to prepare food for many people and have no time for special diets.