Volunteers of the Mother Earth – VOMATI

Welcome to Volunteers of the Mother Earth, a program of Don Bosco Kep to promote humanitarian volunteer services connected also with our Mother Earth. The original program appears in the Spanish network VOMATI to promote volunteer experiences from young people or professionals from developing countries.

You can apply for an experience as a volunteer in our different educative, social or environment programs in Don Bosco Kep. Please refer to this page for more information.

Please be aware that Don Bosco Kep does not request fees for you to be a volunteer, but you have to cover personal expenses such as international travels, visa requirements, international insurance and stay. It is possible to agree in some technical issues such as we can request a volunteer visa if you will stay in Don Bosco as a volunteer for at least 12 months and also we can offer some hospitality facilities within our limits. It is also an ought to be to speak English to facilitate a daily communication.

Please get in touch with management@donboscokep.org or contact us through our whatsapp as (+855) 973712020.