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View from Don Bosco Kep

January to June 2016 in Don Bosco Hatrans

Kep City — We are at the beginning of July and it is already half of 2016. A good time to remember all the events that are doing our project this year. Since October 2015, when we started the new academic year, we oversaw difficulties and

"Stealing kites"

Making a Film with Don Bosco students

       Colombian filmmaker Andrés Ruiz Llano accepted the challenge to do a movie with students of the Don Bosco Technical School of Kep Province this season and training the Cambodian social communication teachers in what the production of a film would mean. Ruiz-Llano

Visit TV 5 to Don Bosco Kep May 5 2016 (2)

TV5 Channel choosing students in Don Bosco Hatrans

       On May 5 three representatives of the Cambodian TV5 Channel visited Don Bosco Technical School to choose some students for training, including social communication, information technology and office administration. Technical Director Mr. Sutharuk Nilkeav, News Manager Mr. Sor Nguong and Program Manager

Volunteers at Questa e la mia casa May 2016

Thanks to our volunteers leaving in May

Foreign volunteers has been a force to develop the Don Bosco projects in Cambodia since 1991. Their task is to train the Cambodian staff in education, administration and social work. Volunteers come from all continents, many through volunteers´ associations, others in an independent way. Don


Journalist expert teaching Cambodian youth

Colombian journalist expert Silvia Córdoba accepted to donate 3 months of her time to teach students of social communication and journalism from Kep and Sihanoukville in professional photography and audiovisual narrative production. Córdoba, who has been involved in Colombia media, directing programs of television, radio and

Audio Engineer Mr. David Ludgiv from Berlin, volunteer at Don Bosco Hatrans.

Audio Engineer Course

German Audio Engineer David Ludwig is offering a course in audio production to the first year students of social communication & journalism starting this month of March to the end of the semester. Mr. Ludwig studied Audio Engineer at the SAE Institute of Berlin and

Don Bosco student donating his blood

Don Bosco students and teacher blood donation

       The Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital (SKMH) of Kampot invited students and teachers of Don Bosco Hatrans to their Blood Donation Day on January 20, 2016, when the Blood Bank of Cambodia visited the place to collect as much blood donations as possible.

Red champion January 29 2016 c

Don Bosco Olympics

       Students and teachers joint this January 29 in the Don Bosco Olympics to celebrate the Solemnity of Saint John Bosco. It was the 5th version of the also called “Color Games”, because the whole educative community is divided in 4 color teams:


Tax Deduction for Charity

       Tax Deduction for Charity is a good idea for your 2016’s financial plan. It is true that for many persons it is not good to think in a gain if you donate for charity. But good deeds have their own reward, they say and

Merry Christmas from teacher Chana

Merry Christmas from teacher Khun Channa

Thank you dear teacher Khun Channa for your Christmas greetings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Continue your beautiful Mission to help Cambodian poor youth in providing to them technical skill and caring for the male students residences as you are doing. ក្នុងថ្ងៃ«បុណ្យណូអែល»នេះកូនសូមជូនពរឲ្យលោកពុកមានកម្លាំងមាំមួន

Students during Kampot Sea Festival 2015

2015 in Don Bosco Hatrans

      As sons of Don Bosco, we Salesians believe that Time is a Grace, an opportunity that the Lord and Creator gives us to fulfill the Mission we are called. Don Bosco calles it Providence and he lived all the time in great

Gerard van Hal

Thanks Mr. Gerard van Hal

     Mr. Gerard van Hal created Hatrans Logistic Services in the 1970s in Netherlands after a good experience as a fellow agent throughout Europe. The successful business started with three persons in Hengelo and got a rapid growth thanks to the trust of many production companies like

Sergio Gaviria Leal Colombian Journalist 2015

Pod-Casting Production Course

During this month the Social Communication Sections of Sihanoukville and Kep got the support of Sergio Gaviria Leal, a Colombian journalist that led a course on Pod-Casting Production. Click here to listen the works of the students and here for the farewell of students to

Agriculture Machine for Don Bosco Hatrans November 2015

Mechanic Agriculture under Development

Cambodia is basically a rural country, where 80% of its total population (15 million people), living in rural areas. It puts the Agricultural Sector is one of the pillars of its economy. besides manufacturing, construction and tourism. The development of the rural areas and their

Mr. Savuth Say is a MA in Administration and a well known lecturer in leadership for Cambodian companies and institutes. His personal FB page:

Staff Motivation Workshop at Don Bosco Hatrans

Kep City – Cambodia. The managers of the Technical Sections and leading positions of the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep Province, attended a workshop on Staff Motivation Skills led by Leadership Cambodian trainer Mr. Savuth Say on November 12. The activity intends to improve

Fr Samnang with Governor Setha October 2015

Gov Setha opens road’s works at Don Bosco’s gate

Governor Satha opens officially the works of asphalt in front to Don Bosco Hatrans. The Thmey Village is known as the ‘Educative Area’ of Kep Province, because it gathers different schools.  The Governor praised the Don Bosco education as a model for the country. H.E,

Official opening day October 2015

Coming of the 5th generation

The 5th generation of students for Don Bosco Hatrans is already here. This morning, Tuesday, 20th of October, 150 new students joint the courses of the Technical School with hope in a better future. Still some youth followed the application, since there were places in

Christmas in Kep

Papa Noel, we need 600 Christmas Gifts for Kep

Papa Noel, I have 300 children and 300 teenagers in Kep, Kampot, Takeo and Ratanakiri provinces, Cambodia. Most of them are Buddhist, but also Muslims, Animist and few of them are Christians… but you don’t mind it? They are kids. Most of them are poor


Sponsor a Formation in Kep

We are near to open the school on October 19 and 300 Cambodian youth from the provinces of Kep, Kampot, Takeo, Ratanakiri, Kompung Thom, Battambang and Prey Veng will start their first and second cycle of technical formation. Many of them will find difficult to