Don Bosco Hatrans Football Field Under Construction

Don Bosco Hatrans Footbal field under construction on November 2015


For Don Bosco, sports is vital to the education of children and youth. Thanks to Mr. Gerad van Hal, the creator of Hatrans in the Netherlands, the Technical School will have a very good football field that can be also a place for authentic sportive events in the Kep Province. The Football Field will have a running path around, two kiosks, spectators’ stairs and a path along the seaside. The first phase of the constructions is expected to be finished during the first week of December 2015, when Mr. van Hal will visit Kep and lead an official opening of this special space for the youth.

Mechanic Agriculture under Development

Agriculture Machine for Don Bosco Hatrans November 2015

Cambodia is basically a rural country, where 80% of its total population (15 million people), living in rural areas. It puts the Agricultural Sector is one of the pillars of its economy. besides manufacturing, construction and tourism. The development of the rural areas and their capacity to produce, is a key factor for the Cambodian progress. Rice production is the leading one in the country, but is is necessary to diversify the products and to mechanize the farms, while keeping an eye on environment protection. Forestry is also a very important activity of several natural communities of Cambodia and, for this reason, it is necessary to protect jungles and to guarantee the fragile economy of farmers living from it. 

Staff Motivation Workshop at Don Bosco Hatrans

Kep City – Cambodia. The managers of the Technical Sections and leading positions of the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep Province, attended a workshop on Staff Motivation Skills led by Leadership Cambodian trainer Mr. Savuth Say on November 12.

The activity intends to improve the team working performance of Don Bosco staff to the best profit of human resources for the fulfillment of the Salesian Mission in favor of students and children that get benefits from the Don Bosco programs.

Gov Setha opens road’s works at Don Bosco’s gate

  • Governor Satha opens officially the works of asphalt in front to Don Bosco Hatrans.
  • The Thmey Village is known as the ‘Educative Area’ of Kep Province, because it gathers different schools. 
  • The Governor praised the Don Bosco education as a model for the country.

H.E, Kem Satha, Governor of Kep Province, opened the works at the National Road 33A in the area of Thmey Village, Prey Thom District, the so called “Educative Town“, because it is the sit of the Department of Education, primary and secondary schools, the new Kep Vocational Center and the Don Bosco Technical School Hatrans. The short ceremony started at 8AM on the same road, right behind the heavy machines that are putting asphalt to the old Provincial road, just in front to the Don Bosco gate.

Gov Setha October 24 2015 a

H.E. Kem Satha and Fr. Samnang (Albeiro Rodas) with students of Don Bosco and some officials of Kep Province.

Coming of the 5th generation

The 5th generation of students for Don Bosco Hatrans is already here. This morning, Tuesday, 20th of October, 150 new students joint the courses of the Technical School with hope in a better future. Still some youth followed the application, since there were places in the sections of Hospitality, Mechanical Agriculture and Graphic Design & Art Communication. The first generation of Don Bosco Hatrans’ students came in October 2011 and they were only 40 in two sections: Social Communication & Journalism and Hospitality. Last August 2015 Don Bosco Hatrans graduated 150 new associate degree technicians for the Cambodian labor force.

Papa Noel, we need 600 Christmas Gifts for Kep

Christmas in KepPapa Noel, I have 300 children and 300 teenagers in Kep, Kampot, Takeo and Ratanakiri provinces, Cambodia. Most of them are Buddhist, but also Muslims, Animist and few of them are Christians… but you don’t mind it? They are kids. Most of them are poor and we hope to give them enough knowledge to success in life, to help in the construction of a best Cambodian Nation and to contribute with the Peace of the World. It was what Baby Jesus came to proclaim…