Apartments for Rent in Kep

Apartments in safe and quiet area of Kep for Rent. Prey Thom Commune, Kep District, near school area, run by Don Bosco Kep (Non-For-Profit – your fee contributes to education of young Cambodians.)  Appropriate for foreigners and Cambodians working, volunteering or living in Kep. 1 room, wide restroom, small kitchen, good for couples, from 120 USD, possible to install Internet, TV cable & A/C (negotiable fee.); other services not included are laundry, housekeeping, cafe Internet, meals. For more information please contact Samnang or Tula.

  • Location: Don Bosco Boulevard, Thmey Village, Prey Thom Commune, Kep City.
  • Price: 120 USD (it does not include A/C, TV cable, Internet, laundry, housekeeping, meals… all negotiable.)
  • Contact Name: Albeiro Rodas & Pov Tula.
  • Phone: 097.371.2020
  • Email: –

Cambodian Thanksgiving Day and New Year

  • Cambodia celebrates a new year in its national calendar, an event that marks the beginning of the raining season.
  • The Don Bosco Technical School of Cambodia celebrate the Khmer New Year with the Thanksgiving Day, a moment where students pay respect to their parents and teachers.
  • This year the event was especially dedicated to the Don Bosco 200th birthday and the youth washed his image as a sign of love and gratitude for his fatherly protection. 
Kep City & Sihanoukville – Cambodia. The Kingdom of Cambodia celebrates a new year in its Buddhist calendar that will begin on April 16. It marks also the beginning of the rainy season (the monsoon), a natural event that Cambodian farmers wait anxiously in a country where 80% of its population lives from agriculture.  The Don Bosco Technical Schools of Cambodia, deeply rooted in the ancient Cambodian traditions, dedicate time to celebrate with the youth the moments of their culture. On April 10, a day before the Khmer New Year holidays, the Salesians preside the Thanksgiving Day, becoming also a Day of the Community and a Day of the Parents (both dad and mom.)

Happy Khmer New Year 2015


The Don Bosco Technical School Hatrans send you all a special greetings with the occasion of the Khmer New Year 2015, the Year of the Goat according to the Cambodian calendar. Thank you for your support to the Cambodian children and youth, in their own traditions and culture and through institutions like Don Bosco. They are growing in a friendly and educative environment of Peace, Justice and Hope to overcome poverty, abuse and hardships.

Happy Eastern from Don Bosco Kep

Dear benefactors,

            The Time of Eastern remembers us the victory of the Cross over death. It is therefore a sign of Hope. It is a sign that means a lot for our 21st century, a time where we face many global problems such as wars, conflicts, climate change, natural disasters and poverty, but also signs of Unity and Solidarity among peoples from different cultures, traditions, languages, races and religions.



Where do you come from, a Radio experience

Kep City – Cambodia & Berlin – Germany – It was the third time that senior expert, teacher and journalist Wolfgang Bauernfeind and radio journalist Michael Ramm came to the Don Bosco Technical School to lead a workshop in media production and reporting with the students of social communication in Kep, Cambodia. A good summary of their first experience was aired in Alex Radio of Berlin in 2013 – here the link for those who can follow German:

Their third experience produced a more elaborated project involving students and teachers of the Don Bosco Kep social communication section – those of Sihanoukville could not attend this year. The radio documentary combines photography and audio and presents the daily life of a Cambodian Salesian center where young people look for a better future. Here the link and it can be followed entire in English, since all the interviewed agreed to speak in that language:

radio documentary first page

The Don Bosco social communications sections were created in 2007 by Fr. Samnang (Albeiro Rodas) as a project to give skills in media communication and social work to young people from rural areas and vulnerable communities. The purpose is that Cambodian people would be able to report about their own reality using the media and making a contribution to the current Cambodian development, reducing poverty and empowering a culture of participation and democracy. At the moment, some past pupils are involved in Cambodian media such as television, radio, newspapers and digital media of companies. The project has been supported by professional volunteers sharing with the students, but also Cambodian journalists and the same media.

1st Don Bosco Education Mission Trip to Ratanakiri

Don Bosco Kep is planning to celebrate the 1st Don Bosco Education Mission Trip “Brother Sun” to Bokeo and Andong Chey Districts, Ratanakiri Province during the Khmer New Year with some students from Don Bosco Kep. The students must be those of second year who get the first place in their sections after their final semester exam. As we have in Kep 7 sections, they will be 7 students plus Mr. Bun Ponlork, who is the coordinator of the Don Bosco Kep Brother Sun group. Three volunteers of Kep will joint the mission too. There is an invitation for the best students of other Don Bosco schools, but the confirmation still to come.

Thit Rochom center 4