Where do you come from, a Radio experience

Kep City – Cambodia & Berlin – Germany – It was the third time that senior expert, teacher and journalist Wolfgang Bauernfeind and radio journalist Michael Ramm came to the Don Bosco Technical School to lead a workshop in media production and reporting with the students of social communication in Kep, Cambodia. A good summary of their first experience was aired in Alex Radio of Berlin in 2013 – here the link for those who can follow German:


Their third experience produced a more elaborated project involving students and teachers of the Don Bosco Kep social communication section – those of Sihanoukville could not attend this year. The radio documentary combines photography and audio and presents the daily life of a Cambodian Salesian center where young people look for a better future. Here the link and it can be followed entire in English, since all the interviewed agreed to speak in that language:


radio documentary first page

The Don Bosco social communications sections were created in 2007 by Fr. Samnang (Albeiro Rodas) as a project to give skills in media communication and social work to young people from rural areas and vulnerable communities. The purpose is that Cambodian people would be able to report about their own reality using the media and making a contribution to the current Cambodian development, reducing poverty and empowering a culture of participation and democracy. At the moment, some past pupils are involved in Cambodian media such as television, radio, newspapers and digital media of companies. The project has been supported by professional volunteers sharing with the students, but also Cambodian journalists and the same media.

1st Don Bosco Education Mission Trip to Ratanakiri

Don Bosco Kep is planning to celebrate the 1st Don Bosco Education Mission Trip “Brother Sun” to Bokeo and Andong Chey Districts, Ratanakiri Province during the Khmer New Year with some students from Don Bosco Kep. The students must be those of second year who get the first place in their sections after their final semester exam. As we have in Kep 7 sections, they will be 7 students plus Mr. Bun Ponlork, who is the coordinator of the Don Bosco Kep Brother Sun group. Three volunteers of Kep will joint the mission too. There is an invitation for the best students of other Don Bosco schools, but the confirmation still to come.

Thit Rochom center 4

Media Documentary Workshop

  • Don Bosco Sihanoukville and Kep train young people in journalism and social communication since 2007. Many of them are currently working at the Cambodian media or in organizations as social workers.
  • The social communications sections were founded by Fr. Samnang and it has been supported by foreign journalists, many coming as volunteers to contribute in the formation of young Cambodian reporters.

During the months of January and February, Mr. Wolfgang Bauernfeind and Mr. Michael Ramm, radio journalists from Berlin, led the Media Documentary Workshop at the Social Communication Section in Don Bosco Technical School, Kep. Mr. Bauernfeind is a member of the Senior Experten Service (SES) from Germany and it was his third coming to Cambodia to contribute in the training of young journalists and communicators.


Radio journalists Michael Ramm and Wolfgang Bauernfeind, leaders of the media documentary training for students of social communication in Don Bosco Sihanoukville and Kep.

The following is the summary of the workshops made by them:

Dr. Jaime Correa visits Don Bosco Kep

  • Dr. Jaime Correa, Director of Projects of Salesian Missions, New Rochelle, visited Don Bosco Kep to start the project of disabled students’ friendly campus.
  • The project was approved by USAID in its 90% with a contribution by Don Bosco Mondo, Bonn, Germany.
  • The goal is to make that the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep Province can be also assisted by disabled youth from the region of Kep, Kampot and Takeo. 
  • Disabled children and youth suffer discrimination in Cambodia, especially in their own families and schools, closing their doors for a better future. 


Dr. Jaime Correa, the Projects’ Director of Salesian Missions of New Rochelle, the Salesian Procure compromises to assist Don Bosco works in poor countries around the world, stands near Vibol, a blind student of the Art Section in Don Bosco Technical School Kep. Dr. Correa spent a week in Cambodia opening the official implementation of the project supported mostly by USAID. It consists in making the Technical School accessible to disabled youth – or persons with special physical abilities. Kompot Province, especially, has a special number of disabled children, many of them suffering from discrimination in their own families and schools. It condemns disabled kids to become beggars or to remain isolated at their own homes without any hope.

Good volunteers from England

  • Brian and Christina Good from Hampshire, England, spent three months in Kep Province teaching English in Don Bosco.
  • Their first time in Asia, the couple decided to share with poor young people.
  • They enjoy the nearness of the Cambodian youth and their will to learn. 

Christina and Brian in Phnom Penh February 2015

Dr. Brian William Good is doctor in business administration and tutor in human resources management of the University of Surrey. Christina, his wife, is MSc in psychology and a dedicated English teacher in different institutions such as the Salesian College of Farnborough. Both joint the experience of the Salesian Lay Association of England to become volunteer teachers at the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep City, Cambodia.  Some of their own children have been volunteers in Africa and now, after retirement, they decided to share their experience and knowledge with youth from countries like Cambodia. In their first experience in Asia, they admired the simplicity and kindness of the Cambodian youth and promised to return in a near future.


Thanks to a mother

  • A Berliner mother spends some months in Cambodia sharing her experiences in hospitality with youth from poor communities.
  • She belongs to the Senior Experten Service (SES) of Germany, a program that gathers thousands of German pensioner experts ready to support companies and organizations abroad, including charitable groups like Don Bosco in Cambodia. 
  • Uti Hennecke Bauernfeind came with her husband, retired radio journalist professor Wolfgang Bauernfeind, also SES, to train students from Don Bosco Kep Hospitality Section. 

Thanks for a Mom


Uti Hennecke says good bye to her students at the beginning of February with her husband, retired radio journalist Wolfgang Bauernfeind, both associated to the German Senior Experts Service, a group that gathers more than thousand senior experts, mostly retired German people ready to share their skillful knowledge abroad. Enterprises can request the presence of German senior experts, but also charitable organizations such as Don Bosco in Cambodia. Uti – or Yuti as her pupils call her – has come to Cambodia twice already, getting to know the Cambodian culture of unprivileged youth that have the opportunity to study in Don Bosco.