Don Bosco Kep Kindergarten

Thanks to all supporters of our Don Bosco Kep Kindergarten: teachers, parents and, of course, the same kids. We expect to pass the Project to build the Kindergarten during 2016 with the help of many donors to provide a better education to Cambodian children.


List of approved applicants 2015-2017

Please click in the following link to save the list of applicants for the students 2015-2017. Young people in this list can come immediately for inscriptions. If you have any difficulty, please inform to 097.813.5818.

Result of Inscription for 2015-2017

Looking for professional in school kitchen manager

Don Bosco school restaurant

The Don Bosco Technical School of Kep Province, is looking for an expert in school kitchen management, who likes to cook and experience with young people. It is preferable a Cambodian national, but foreigners willing to make a volunteer service for a period not inferior to six months are welcome to apply.

The kitchen expert must fulfill the following tasks:

  • Design a food process according to international standards (ISO).
  • Supervising the food buying.
  • Improving the practice of hygienic and food disposal.
  • Guarantying that students and teachers get nutritional food and controlling the food distribution.
  • Organizing the kitchen store and creating a culture of maintenance and cleanness.

The expert will work with a team of persons such as 2 cooks and the students of culinary and food & beverage.  If you want to apply, please send CV to

Children’s Day in Don Bosco Kep

June 1 2015 Children's Day in Don Bosco Kep

The Don Bosco Kep Children Fund celebrated this June 1st the International Children’s Day at the Technical School Campus. More than 80 children from the Don Bosco Kindergarten, Children Fund and others joint a program led by teachers, social workers and volunteers. In Cambodia, it is a holiday. With this event, Don Bosco Kep wants to honor the children and to invite the national and international community to get committed with the defense of the rights of children worldwide. In Cambodia, children can be object of different types of abuse such as child labor, human trafficking, child beggars and poverty.

Apartments for Rent in Kep

Apartments in safe and quiet area of Kep for Rent. Prey Thom Commune, Kep District, near school area, run by Don Bosco Kep (Non-For-Profit – your fee contributes to education of young Cambodians.)  Appropriate for foreigners and Cambodians working, volunteering or living in Kep. 1 room, wide restroom, small kitchen, good for couples, from 120 USD, possible to install Internet, TV cable & A/C (negotiable fee.); other services not included are laundry, housekeeping, cafe Internet, meals. For more information please contact Samnang or Tula.

  • Location: Don Bosco Boulevard, Thmey Village, Prey Thom Commune, Kep City.
  • Price: 120 USD (it does not include A/C, TV cable, Internet, laundry, housekeeping, meals… all negotiable.)
  • Contact Name: Albeiro Rodas & Pov Tula.
  • Phone: 097.371.2020
  • Email: –

Cambodian Thanksgiving Day and New Year

  • Cambodia celebrates a new year in its national calendar, an event that marks the beginning of the raining season.
  • The Don Bosco Technical School of Cambodia celebrate the Khmer New Year with the Thanksgiving Day, a moment where students pay respect to their parents and teachers.
  • This year the event was especially dedicated to the Don Bosco 200th birthday and the youth washed his image as a sign of love and gratitude for his fatherly protection. 
Kep City & Sihanoukville – Cambodia. The Kingdom of Cambodia celebrates a new year in its Buddhist calendar that will begin on April 16. It marks also the beginning of the rainy season (the monsoon), a natural event that Cambodian farmers wait anxiously in a country where 80% of its population lives from agriculture.  The Don Bosco Technical Schools of Cambodia, deeply rooted in the ancient Cambodian traditions, dedicate time to celebrate with the youth the moments of their culture. On April 10, a day before the Khmer New Year holidays, the Salesians preside the Thanksgiving Day, becoming also a Day of the Community and a Day of the Parents (both dad and mom.)