Information Technology

This is a two year associate degree course. We provides 20 places each year and the course is open to both genders. If you want to offer volunteer services within this faculty, please get information about how to apply in this page.

Computers are now widely used so students should be able to work for internet service providers, software houses, banks, insurance companies, government and non‑government organisations, manufacturing, hotels, airports, etc.

Working in these fields require skills such as web and graphic design, software development, setting up and maintaining computer systems and networks, technical service/support.

The course covers both theory and practice. Practical work includes installing a computer, setting up a server, writing programs, create websites and databases, etc. Students will have many assignments to complete and will learn to research on the internet. Some will get the chance to assist in on and off-site work when there is a request for IT support. All students have to do an internship in a company and write a thesis.

Microsoft Office Class

  • IT Essential, Computer Basic
  • Computer Maintenance
  • CCNA Discovery I & II
  • Window Server 2012, Linux Server
  • Computer programming, Software Engineering
  • Web Design, PHP MySQL / PHP Project, OOP with PHP, Content Management System
  • Graphic Design I & II
  • Administration, Marketing, English, Mathematics and Khmer

The applicant must have finished grade 12 (either pass or fail) and must be interested in technical work and new technology.

For more information go to Admission.