Electrical Department

This is a two year associate degree course. We provides 20 places each year and the course is open to both genders. If you want to offer volunteer services within this faculty, please get information about how to apply in this page.

Nowadays with the wider use of electricity and electronic devices in Cambodia, electricians are in demand. Students can work for electrical firms, in manufacturing, for the government or start their own business.

Working in these fields require practical knowledge of installation/repair/maintenance of electrical systems, electronic equipment, air conditioners, motors, solar power, etc. The work can be for companies, offices, shops, residential areas, public places, airports, etc.

The course covers both theory and practice. Practical work includes repairing electrical and electronic equipment, welding, design and installation of LED boards, etc. Students will have many assignments to complete and learn to research on the internet. They will get the chance to assist in providing electrical service on the campus or work from outside clients. All students have to do an internship in a company and write a thesis.

Basic Subject

  • English
  • Khmer
  • Mathematics
  • Basic Computer
  • Basic Drawing
  • Auto Cad
  • IQ
  • Moral
  • Sport

Common Subject

  • Safety or Reason of Danger
  • Filling
  • Basic Measurement
  • Drilling & Grinding
  • Hand Threading
  • Sawing
  • Electrical Welding
  • Gas Welding
  • Manual Cutting and Banding
  • Basic of Pneumatic

Core Subject

  • Electrical Theory
  • Lab and Transformer
  • Electrical System
  • Motor control
  • Air conditioner

The applicant must have finished grade 12 (either pass or fail) and must be interested in technical work.

For more information go to Admission and Fees.