Media Communication

This is a two year associate degree course. The course is open to both genders.

Up on graduation students could work for radio/TV stations, marketing and PR companies, newspapers/magazines publishing houses, government and non-government organizations, etc.

If you want to offer volunteer services within this faculty, please get information about how to apply in this page.

Northern Lights, Norway

A wide range of positions are available in these places such as journalist, video editor, cameraman, photographer, director/film maker, script writer, presenter, designer, sound and lighting controller, media officer, communication officer, event manager.

Students will have many assignments to complete and this includes taking photos and videos, editing, academic visits, interviewing, documenting, reporting and film making some will get the chance to assist in on and off-site work when there is a request for media service.


  • Social Communication, Social Media
  • Script writing
  • Content Creation
  • Journalism
  • Camera Operator, Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Radio & Sound Operator
  • TV Show
  • Graphic Design and Layout
  • Psychology of Communication
  • Ethics and Law
  • Basic Computer, Basic Internet
  • General English
  • Moral, Physical Education

Northern Lights, Norway

The applicant must have finished grade 12 (either pass or fail) and must be interested in communication or related media work.

For more information go to Admission and Fees.