Good volunteers from England

  • Brian and Christina Good from Hampshire, England, spent three months in Kep Province teaching English in Don Bosco.
  • Their first time in Asia, the couple decided to share with poor young people.
  • They enjoy the nearness of the Cambodian youth and their will to learn. 

Christina and Brian in Phnom Penh February 2015

Dr. Brian William Good is doctor in business administration and tutor in human resources management of the University of Surrey. Christina, his wife, is MSc in psychology and a dedicated English teacher in different institutions such as the Salesian College of Farnborough. Both joint the experience of the Salesian Lay Association of England to become volunteer teachers at the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep City, Cambodia.  Some of their own children have been volunteers in Africa and now, after retirement, they decided to share their experience and knowledge with youth from countries like Cambodia. In their first experience in Asia, they admired the simplicity and kindness of the Cambodian youth and promised to return in a near future.


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