2015 in Don Bosco Hatrans

      As sons of Don Bosco, we Salesians believe that Time is a Grace, an opportunity that the Lord and Creator gives us to fulfill the Mission we are called. Don Bosco calles it Providence and he lived all the time in great Faith, working for the poorest youth in the big conviction that the Lord was leading his actions: “Divine Providence, in its own good time, will defend the innocent.” We think the same. Here, in Kep Province, in this little corner of Asia, so far from the rooms of Don Bosco in Turin, we feel that same Providence manifested in so many events since 2011 and during this year 2015. If you read all the events – but not all have been written – you will notice a permanent actions: VISITATION. Every moment we got visits from Cambodia and around the world. It is the visitation of the Angels sent by the Lord. These visits are the Message of the Divine Providence that we are working for the poor and doing it with all our heart. During this weeks of December, many companies around the world are doing their reports on incomes and debts. Our reports are always in red, but our heart is always in joy when we are near the children, youth, the poor. We put all these graces on the hands of the Lord, our real boss (the Boss Upstairs).


1-3: Fr. Samnang and teacher Ponlork traveled to Bokeo District, Ratanakiri Province to visit the families of some Ratanakiri students in Kep, especially in Jarai and Kreng communities. The purpose was to shoot a video documentary on conditions of ethnic minority children, to promote Don Bosco schools as an option for youth from ethnic minorities and to visit two past pupils working in the region, one Jarai, Mr. Rochom Thit, who opened a children center in his own home to teach English and computer, and one Kreng, Mr. Ngok Bunpheach, Kreng, who works at Radio Free Asia Ratanakiri. They visited also IDEAS, the Indigenous Development & Education Accommodation Support NGO in Banlun, from where some of the Ratanakiri students in Don Bosco comes.

5: Meeting of the Kep Academic Council to prepare the Don Bosco Feast – this year in a special way, because it is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Don Bosco. The social communication section was preparing the video about Don Bosco in Cambodia for Sawasdee Foundation. 

6: Teacher Uk Seyha and SC student Ahmad traveled to Battambang and Poipet to shoot the Sawasdee Foundation’s video. Arrival of Senior Expert Service Mr. Wolfgang Baurnfeind, radio reporter from Berlin to lead a course of radio and his wife Mrs. Uti for hospitality section. Also Mr. Michael Ramm from Berlin would do the radio course for the students of social communication of Kep and Sihanoukville.

7: Mrs. Margret Motejl, International Projects Department Project Coordinator for South East Asia from Senior Experten Service of Bonn, Germany visited Don Bosco Hatrans with Mr. Mom Saroeun, Senior Program Manager for Cambodia. They admired the development of the school and promised their support with more senior experts in the years to come.

Training Restaurant

       This date Fr. Samnang (Albeiro Rodas) traveled to Ho Chi Minh City with Camilo to know the experience of a Don Bosco educative restaurant led by the Salesians, following the recommendations of Mrs. Cornelia Brenig, the Project Officer of Don Bosco Mission, Bonn, Germany. The leader of the restaurant is Mr. Francis van Hoi, who explained how it works. He did not recommend the creation of a restaurant in a very isolated area. Don Bosco Hatrans is located in a very beautiful place, but it is rather alone and far from gathering areas. Projects like the restaurant is more for central places.

       The school-restaurant is a training in hospitality with 36 students – same opportunities for both genders. 30 are residents at the place. There are 5 teachers, some of them foreigners paid by the German government for 3 years – 2 teachers from Hong Kong. Students have 3 hours of theory per day and the rest is practical training.

       The restaurant is very well designed, profiting space and located in a very popular quarter of the city. it has 50 tables. Students do 3 years of training, studying basics during the first year. The young people must have 12th grade in order to apply. The training includes also nearby hotels, a fact that confirmes our idea that the Don Bosco Hatrans’ Hospitality section can send students to train in local hotels, involving the students in real life work. The staff of some hotels are invited to lead some training at the school. Another fact of this Vietnamese restaurant: clients must know that the staff is actually made of students, so it creates a good atmosphere of tolerance with them.

11: Mr. Pov Tula, Don Bosco Hatrans Administrator and Mrs. Mich Pheanin, Office Administration Section’s Manager, got married in Sihanoukville. Most teachers and volunteers from Kep attended.

12: The leaders of local hotel Knay Bang Chatt & Sailing Club visited the school to continue offering spaces for training of our students of Hospitality. We appreciate the opening and kindness of this hotel.

15: Today Mr. Sok Mean, the constructor, gave conclusion to the store of the kitchen to keep food donations, especially from Stop Hunger Now Organization from North Carolina through the Salesian Missions. The building of the store cost 5,000 USD. We failed to look funds for the cold room that was estimated in 10,000 USD in Phnom Penh.

17: We visited the Salesian Cooperators Center of Takeo where Mr. Sry Thea is leading a children and youth center. Fr. John Donder from France donated the construction of a building for some classrooms. He is attending near 300 children who come for English and computer lessons every day. Teachers are local volunteers.

19: Last payment to Mr. Chea Nemol, the constructor for the multipurpose area, female hostel, fences and gate supported by Misereor of Achen. Mr. Gerard van Hal contributed also. The water treatment system was built by Mr. Sok Mean in connection with the water system. The auditing was led by Ernst & Young Cambodia, following the requirements by Misereor.

We decided to get some equipment for the Art Communication Section in order to lead some events and get some incomes. The responsible person is Mr. Som Panith, Manager of the Section. The Section is able to animate some events outside the school, including the creation of stages, music and others.

26: The editors of social communication began the edition of the documentary for Sawasdee Foundation after getting images from Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Battambang and Poipet.

ConCultures from Germany, an organization that supports children and young people from ethnic minorities in Ratanakiri like IDEAS and United World Schools sent support for three Jarai students in Kep.

30: The Color Games 2015 in honor of Don Bosco.

31: Fr. Samiot, the in charge of Don Bosco Poipet, came to Kep with the teachers, after going around Sihanoukville.


3: Mr. Punlork goes to Ratanakiri Province with some SC students to finish the shooting of the video documentary about the Jarai People.

5: Mr. Wolfgang Baurnfeind and Mr. Michael Ramm finished the course about Radio production with the second year students of SC in Kep.

6: Br. Roberto Panetto, General Administrator of the Salesian Cambodian Delegation, visited Don Bosco Hatrans to check reports on finances. He worked with our accountant Mrs. Bun Sao Vrith.

9. Mr. Wolfgang Baurnfiend and Mr. Michael Ramm traveled to Sihanoukville to do the Radio production course with the SC second year students of Don Bosco Sihanoukville.

12. Thanksgiving program for Mr. Wolfgang Baurnfiend and his wife Uti, Mr. Michael Ramm and Mr. Brian and Mrs Christina Good, who finished their volunteer service in Don Bosco Hatrans. The Good’s come from England through the Salesian Lay Association to teach English for three months.

13. Arrival of Mr. Jaime Correa-Montalvo, Office for International Programs’ Director of the Salesian Missions. He visits Kep to see the implementing of the ASHA Project “Building a Disabled Friendly Campus at the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep Province, Cambodia” to open opportunities for disabled children and youth to enjoy technical education.

18: The social communication section led a research on impact for the Connected Schools projects in Battambang, Kompung Thom, Prey Veng, Svay Rien, Sihanoukville, Taleo and Kampot, requested by the CS’ director Mr. Pascal Mabile.

19. Chinese New Year – The Goat. Students and teachers did a celebration in the night with some programs.

Two Italian Don Bosco past pupils visited Don Bosco Hatrans led by Fr. Mario Gezzi of PIME – he himself is a Salesian past pupil from Milan. They asked how to cooperate more with the Don Bosco projects in Cambodia.

16 students of Hospitality Section went to Thansur Bokor Highland Resort for training during the busy Chinese new year. We appreciate the support of this important hotel in the region that opens spaces for the formation of our students.

We received the two motor-mobile for disabled youth sent by Sawasdee Foundation to the use of our students Mr. Savon of social communication (he was born without legs) and Mr. Anh of art communication. We thanks Mr. Hector and Mrs. Ellen Loontjens, who are so near to the needs of vulnerable youth.

24. The social communication, art communication and information technology section did a small celebration of the Communication & Journalism Day, during the Feast of Saint Francis of Sales, patron of communication.

25: Ms. Chu Momry, Director of Training, and Mr. Chea Rathana, trainer of Maid in Cambodia, came to Don Bosco Hatrans to lead a course on housekeeping to the students of Hospitality Section.


3: Dr. Rudolf Stumberger of the Munich Press Agency, visited Don Bosco Hatrans after invitation by Cornelia Brenig from Don Bosco Missions in Bonn, Germany. Mr. Stumberger, freelancing journalist and a lecturer of media and sociology at the University of Frankfurt, came to Cambodia doing some research for some stories . He visited the Media Communication Department of the Royal University of Phnom Phen doing conferences about how is journalism in Germany. He will write a study about journalism and democracy in Cambodia. In his research, he wanted to know the experience of Don Bosco in the social communication sections.

Fr. John Donder, a Dutch Salesian priest living in France, who was a missionary in Vietnam until the Vietnamese unification in 1975, came to Don Bosco Hatrans with teacher Sry Thea, Salesian Cooperator and leader of the Takeo Don Bosco Center, and some of his cooperators. He visited all the departments. Fr. Samnang requested from him some help for the agriculture section.

4. The team of the Cambodia Development Council (CDC) of Phnom Penh visited Don Bosco Hatrans to review the reception of donations from abroad and establish its real use for the good of the poorest. They were very much satisfied about the Don Bosco projects and said it was a model for Cambodia in transparency and real social impact.

9: The school celebrated the International Women’s Day, underlying the goal of the Don Bosco Hatrans’ project to empower Cambodian women, opening the school for female students too. All sections must have females students, including those sections traditionally seem in Cambodia as “male” skills such as electricity and agriculture. At the same time, sections seems as “female” skills such as Office Administration – formally named Secretarial – must have male students to balance the gender gap in Cambodia. We paid honor to Mr. Piet de Visser, the creator of the former Foundation for Cambodia in Netherlands, who donated the Piet de Visser Women Center or Banteay Srey Female Students residence. In the ceremony, the best female students and female teachers received a recognition.

The editors finished a draft of the video documentary for Sawasdee Foundation and published it online to be checked by the board in Netherlands: Don Bosco Cambodia, Hope for the Young (2015) and Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia in 5 Minutes.

10 – 13: Semestral exam for students of Don Bosco Hatrans.

14:  Miss Thany Pol, an engineer of Schidler Cambodia, visited Don Bosco to study the possibility to install a lift for disabled students at the Angkor Borei Building inside the ASHA project supported by USAID through Salesian Missions. She would present the quotation. Other lift companies have sent their quotations too.

16: Mr. Kim Som Ol, Mr. Pen Bona and Mr. Thia Sothea of the new Cambodian TV Channel PNN, visited the social communication section of Kep to see the possibility to engage some students in training for 3 months. As it is a special event, Fr. Samnang agreed to send 8 students (4 males / 4 girls) with the condition that they will keep in academic contact with the school. It is also an opportunity for the social communication students to have a new ground of job when they finish. PNN belongs to CPP senator and tycoon Mr. Ly Yong Phat.

19: Dr. Gladys Wong from ACTS Singapore led a mission with other members of the Catholic group and her own family to Kampot, especially to Phnom Voar with sister Mary Anh and to Don Bosco Hatrans. They did medical checks for students and neighbors. They saw also the new land to consider support for this project.

23: Teacher Kong Mao, Manager of SC in Sihanoukville, came to Kep to discuss with teacher Pov Tula the possibility to create an IT section in Sihanoukville following the same curriculum of Kep.

25: Mr. Graham Cowan from Canada, an IT engineer, visited Don Bosco, but especially the IT section. It is his second time in Kep. The first was in 2012. He was very much admired of the developments. He let some IT equipment and discussed with Mr. Khin Khanha, the IT manager, the possibilities to lead some courses in C++, Raspberry Pi and other technologies.

26: Ms. Claudia Ebinger of Don Bosco Mondo, Bonn – Germany, visited Don Bosco Hatrans with Ms. Ilona Reinecke, a representative of the German NGO Human Help Network. The objective was to have a better mutual understanding of our work in order to improve our cooperation beetween Don Bosco Mondo and the Salesian institutions in Cambodia.

Mr. Gerard van Hal and his wife Patty visited Don Bosco Hatrans. They opened officially the new gate and invited all teachers for dinner.

27: The teachers of Mechanic Agriculture Section got a workshop in Phnom Penh about agricultural academic practices in order to improve our programs in Kep.

Br. Roberto Panetto led a group of benefactors from Turin with the director of Missioni Don Bosco. They announced that 4 trucks of those used during the Don Bosco Relic’s Pilgrimage, will be donated to Cambodia. One truck – the one that ran through Poland with the Don Bosco’s relic, will come to Kep.

29 – April 5: The Holy Week. Some persons of the community participated in the religious ceremonies at the Kampot Parish.


1: Fr. Samnang and Teacher Pov Tula brought 8 senior students of social communication to the new Cambodian TV channel, PNN, in Phnom Penh as a special training program. PNN would train the students in camera operation, edition, presentation and reporting for 3 months, sending reports to Don Bosco Kep. The purpose is also to open more job opportunities to the students of social communication in the Cambodian Media. The Channel was very grateful and admired the commitment of the Don Bosco projects in Cambodia for young people.

2: Miss Maria Victoria Lopez (Vicky), a Colombian TV journalist working in TeleMedellin and TeleAntioquia, arrived to Don Bosco Kep as a volunteer until June 2016. She will lead a course of TV & Video Production, Reporting and Camera Operation for the students of social communication in Kep. She will travel every Thursday to Sihanoukville to extend there the same seminar. Today the Community celebrated the Last Supper in the evening.

3: There was the Way of the Cross procession with a few Catholics. During the night, as a moment of prayer, there was not the traditional night film for students, but silence at the school.

  1. There was a Solemn Mass to celebrate the Eastern at the school. Six students got Catholic baptism in their communities.

7: Arrival of the rice soy container donated by Stop Hunger Now through Salesian Missions of New Rochelle. 1,000 boxes with rice soy for the school. The students enjoy it in soup or fry rice. It has also vitamins. It is necessary to produce a report on health of the students.

  1. Teacher Chan Ratanak of Hospitality Section got married with Miss Samphoar, Don Bosco Kep past pupil in Chuk District, Kampot Province.
  2. Today the school celebrated its Thanksgiving Day in the new sportive campus. Many parents and tutors of the students came.

14-16: Khmer New Year.

18: Mr. Hans Kuchle, Senior Experten Service of Germany, arrived to Don Bosco Kep for 3 weeks to support some constructions. Initially he would support the implementation of the disabled campus supported by USAID through Salesian Missions, but USAID requested more documents in order to give the green light. Therefore, Fr. Samnang asked Mr. Kuchle to support the design and supervision of the construction of the classroom, farm house and store in the new land within the Agriculture Project.

20: Miss Maria Victoria Lopez began to edit the video promotion of Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia with the assistance of a student of social communication.

29: Fr. Samnang and Teacher Pov Tula paid a visit to Indochine Apparel (Cambodia) in Kandal Province upon the invitation of Mr. Anila, the owner, Sri Lankan, and Mr. Noy, his assistance. The purpose was to promote the engagement of our students, especially office administration, in administrative areas of the factory. They went also to see the students in special training at PNN and were very satisfied of the experience and the attention of the TV Channel.


11: Mr. Vassil Dimitrove arrived to Don Bosco Kep to support the Hospitality Section and the Kindergarten. He is a Bulgarian that grew in Spain, his mother is Cambodian and his father is Bulgarian.

13: Mr. Hans Kuchle returned to Germany. He let a moving letter saying that it was his last time in Cambodia due to health issues. He let a good plan in the Agriculture Section.

18: Br. Mony, Salesian of Don Bosco, arrived in Don Bosco Kep for a couple of weeks. He is studying philosophy in Don Bosco Sampran, Thailand. He led some talks to the students.

25: In this Day was celebrated the Solemnity of Mary Help of Youth and the Women’s Day. The Mass was presided by Fr. Gianluca Tavola, Parish priest of Kampot and Kep, with the assistance of Fr. Fernando. There was a female soccer game and the best female students got a recognition, as well as the female teachers and cooks.

29: Teacher Pov Tula led a workshop on team work and leadership for the teachers of Don Bosco Kep.

The mother of Teacher Haffy from the Kindergarten died in a terrible motorbike accident near the school. All the community participated in the funeral. Haffy was pregnant at the moment, so it was a terrible moment.

30: Fr. Samnang and some students traveled to Takeo to participate in the wedding of Teacher Sry Thea with Vanna. Teacher Sry Thea is a Salesian Cooperator, who created a youth center in Takeo. His wife is also a Don Bosco Sihanoukville past pupil.


1: There was the celebration of the International Children’s Day with the participation of the children of the Kindergarten, the Children Fund and kids from the neighbors.

4: The Council of Managers with the Rector of the school decided that the sewing section will be officially closed in October 2015. However, the machines and production will be moved to the house of Teacher Sina, who can continue doing uniforms for the students and even taking students at her place. The current place of the sewing section will be used by the Electrical Department that needs more space.

Teacher Wy from the small engine program offered to the school his 10 hectares of land to be used as rice farming. Fr. Samnang presented the proposal to the SCC meeting. It can be a solution to the need of food and running expenses, but it needs investment. The proposal is that the land can be used for the benefit of three schools: Sihanoukville, Kep and Hotel School Sihanoukville.

8: A group of two teachers and students of the Singapore Technologic, arrived to Don Bosco Kep for a program of sharing with the students.

9: Teacher Chan Ratanak started to be officially the Manager of the Hospitality Section to replace Mr. Camilo Zapata who is finishing his service as a volunteer in Don Bosco.

15: The Council of Managers with the Rector decided not to renew the contract with Mr. Bonny for the use of Tha Prom Hostel for our male teachers and volunteers. The reason was that it is evidently very expensive for the school (80 USD per room) and it is not generating any meaningful income. Fr. Samnang sent him a letter announcing that Don Bosco will use the hostel to the end of September, then giving back to him.

18: Start of the Ramadan. As there is a group of Muslims in the school, Fr. Samnang sent a greeting of Peace and Love to all our Muslim students and teachers, asking to pray for the school and for Cambodia.

20: Teacher Pov Tula began the Operacy Seminar for senior students of Kep.

22: There was a problem with some students residing in the house of a neighbor, Mr. Pros. He used to complain that the boys are noisy and keeps on calling the teachers of Don Bosco. In this event, he even treated to call the Police “if the students were to do the same in a next time.” A serious investigation discovered that it was a false claim and that the noises he announced came from another source. He apologized but Fr. Samnang decided to ask the male students to get out of that house and moved to Tha Prom Hostel for the time being. He asked also Mr. Pros not to accept male students in his house for a next time, but only female students.

26: Teacher Pov Tula led a workshop on pedagogy for the teachers of Don Bosco Kep.

27: Fr. Samnang began today the online course on English Composition for three months.

29: Fr. Samnang led a workshop on Salesian Preventive System for the teachers of Don Bosco Kep.

30: There was a special dinner at the school to thanks Mr. Camilo Zapata for his time of service in the Hospitality Section. He is going to work as a Food & Beverage Manager in Veranda Resort in Kep.


1: Teacher Sambo, Head Master of Don Bosco Sihanoukville, came to Kep to assist in the updating of curriculums according to the Cambodian standards of the Office Administration, IT and Social Communication sections.

3: Senior students of agriculture and art communication went to Sihanoukville with Fr. Samnang for a football match. The managers met to review their Academic Master Plans.

10-11: Fr. Samnang assisted to a course on Report Based News Reporting led by H.S. Alpha Media & Communications in Phnom Penh. The lecturer was Cambodian journalist Mr. Hoem Seyha.

14: At 19:49 Cambodian time the spacial ship Horizons reached the dwarf and outer solar planet Pluto and its moons. The administration decided that the students should admire this historical moment in science to open their minds to curiosity and admiration of the Universe.

20: Students of SC visited the Kampot Radio Station.

24: Filipino engineers Mr. Tony Gomez and Ramon Campo visited the Don Bosco Hatrans campus to create their own technical report about ASHA-USAID project on disabled campus construction.

27: The civil engineer leading the construction of the National Road 33A that goes in front to the school, came to discuss about the school’s entrance and how to connect it with the road in an appropriate way.

We signed an agreement with Mr. Kloth and his wife Sina to use the farm house in the new land for security and care, while putting there the sewing section ran by Sina exclusively, doing works for the school if needed.

28: The junior students prepared a farewell party for senior students ready to leave the school for training outside.

29: Presentation of the Thesis by senior students.

Mr. Juan Camilo Giraldo, a Colombian administration engineer, who was working in United States, came to Don Bosco Hatrans to help with the Don Bosco Kep Chidren Fund for one year.

30: Mr. Craig Turton, an expert in agriculture from Australia and volunteer at Don Bosco Battambang, came to Kep to see the possibilities to assist in the development of the agriculture projects. He checked the land of teacher Vy to see its conditions for rice plantations. He advised to grow vegetables in the area.

At 16:00 all the community went to the new land for a simple ceremony of blessing. The land received the name “Don Bosco Chenla” in honor of the far Cambodian ancestors. Thanks to Salesian Missions, Don Bosco Bonn and Mr. Gerard van Hal, it was possible to build the farm house, classroom, store, fences, water and electricity. After the ceremony, there was a dinner at the place.


1: Meeting of Don Bosco Hatrans’ past pupils.

7: Colombian journalist Miss Claudia Arango and camera operator Mr. Juan Arroyave arrived to Cambodia to make a documentary about the Peace Process for the TV Channel Telemedellin. They requested the assistance of Fr. Samnang and the social communication sections of Kep and Sihanoukville. They will promote also the Don Bosco works.

11: The final exam of the first year students.

Ms. Deborah Slingsby, English volunteer supporting the Kindergarten, organized a training for the lady teachers.

12: Students of social communication of Kep and Sihanoukville joint together to visit some media companies in Phnom Penh.

15: In this date Fr. Samnang (Albeiro Rodas), celebrated his 10th anniversary of ordination (Medellin, 2005). he presided a Mass with the students and teachers.

16: This was the date of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Don Bosco (1815). Fr. Samnang presided the Mass at the Kampot Parish.

27: Graduation Day.

28: Fr. Samnang left Cambodia to visit his family in Colombia for one month.


1-4: Interview for new students in Don Bosco Hatrans.

5: Exam for new applicants.

14: Teachers’ seminar.

17: Teachers visited Siem Reap. School is closed for holidays.

29: Fr. Samnang returned to Kep.


10: Teacher Than Ratanak from the IT section, participated in the East Asia Oceania Region Summit of Salesian Translators in Dalat, Vietnam upon invitation by Fr. Klement Vaclav, EAO Regional. He joined a delegation of other two teachers from Phnom Penh.

The Community Day during the 45th birthday of Fr. Samnang (Albeiro Rodas).

12: Fr. Roel Soto, Superior of the Cambodian Delegation, visited Don Bosco Hatrans with a group of Filipinos from Phnom Penh and a Jesuit Filipino priest, Fr. John.

17: Retreat for veteran members of the Brother Sun Group: Mr. Thim, Mr. Vichit and Mr. Ponlork.

19: Opening of the school.

21: Ceremony of welcome of the 4th generation of students in Don Bosco Hatrans. 150 new students in 5 technical sections: social communication & journalism, mechanic agriculture, electricity, information technology, hospitality and office administration.

24: H.E. Kem Satha opened officially the works of construction of the National Road 33A in front to the school. He gave to the students some gifts and underlined the Don Bosco projects in the province.

25: Knai Ban Chat Hotel in Kep, the one giving place for our Hospitality students to train, invited all our community for a program opening the high season. Most of our students were training at the moment that included cultural performances.

27: Fr. Samnang looks for support to help a local rural school of 300 kids. Two classrooms were closed due to bad physical conditions. The total amount for repair the school is 10,000 USD.

31: Fr. Klement Vaclav, Regional Superior for East Asia-Oceania (EAO) visited Don Bosco Hatrans after meeting all Cambodian Salesians in Sihanoukville.

Sister Maria Elena Pacheco, General Superior of the Carmelites of the Sacred Heart of Mexico, visited Don Bosco Hatrans with sister Juanita, the in charge of their mission in the Philippines. They came upon invitation of Fr. Samnang to see the possibility to cooperate with the formation of the girls in the school. They are in current discernment. The proposal is to come first as volunteers and see how they can contribute to Cambodian youth, especially the girls and women.


4: Mr. Ralf Kresal, officer for Kindermission of Achen, Germany, visited Don Bosco Hatrans to see the request to build a Kindergarten for the school. He met also some kids from the Children Fund, especially the new Brother Sun Groups made by 9 boys and 1 girl from poor villages, who are studying in Kep, while residing in Don Bosco, among them 4 boys from the Jarai community of Ratanakiri (11-17 years old).

10: Visit of Mr. Karel Ricek, a musician from Belgium. He has been a volunteer atTogether for Cambodia Organization of our friend Lidia Linde. He explores possibilities with Don Bosco for cooperation with a Belgium university to send trainers as volunteer teachers in music, knowing that we have an art section.

Fr. Samnang went to Ho Chi Ming City with teacher Ponlork, as Children Fund representative, to meet Fr. Mark Hyde, the Director of Salesian Missions and Mr. Jaime Correa-Montalvo, who were visiting India and Vietnam to see projects. As they could not step in Cambodia, Fr. Samnang went to meet them to talk about projects, especially the disabled friendly campus.

12: Fr. Samnang failed to go to Japan for the EAO’s social communication delegates with Fr. Filiberto Fernandez. He attended some meetings by Skype with the task to create the social communication manual for the Cambodian Delegation.

25: Mr. Ricardo Perez-Solero, reporter for EFE, visited Don Bosco Hatrans to know the social communication section. He talked with the students about the life of a reporter.

27: Mr. Sergio Gaviria-Leal, Colombian journalist, comes to Kep for one month to lead a course on Pod-casting production (also in Sihanoukville).


3: All sections did a ceremony to pay honor to people with disabilities during their International Day. Because we are preparing a school that would welcome kids and youth with disabilities, we understood it was important to create awareness of the importance to integrate people with disabilities. Currently 5 students have any type of disabilities and 1 past pupil is already working. They showed a Thai video, The Speechless Love, of a deaf & mute father and his daughter. Students reflected about this story.

9: Mr. Gerard van Hal came to Don Bosco Hatrans with his wife Patty to open officially the new sports area for the school.

11. Don Bosco Hatrans rented a stand at the Kampot Sea Festival in order to promote the school. Br. Roberto donated some ice-cream to the benefit of the school. Many people attended the 4 days festival.

15: Teacher Insothea, Manager of the Don Bosco Sihanoukville’s Automotive Section, came with Mr. Michael Estivo, volunteer engineer from US, to see the possibilities to give more power to our solar plant.

22: Mr. Sergio Gaviria-Leal finished the Pod-casting production with the students of Kep and Sihanoukville. As result, the students produced some posts in English that can be heard online.

24: Christmas Party in Don Bosco Hatrans.

26: The Colombian TV Channel, Telemedellin, aired the documentary about Peace in Cambodia produced by Miss Claudia Arango. Don Bosco is shown as a big contributor to the Cambodian reconstructions through education.

31: A Solemn Mass is celebrated at the sea side at 17:00. After dinner and a special program until midnight to welcome the new year in Kep Province.


Click these PDFs to see reports on Don Bosco Kep during 2015:

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