Electrical Skill

Electrical skill established in 2012 at Don Bosco Kep by Fr. Albeiro Rodas (Fr. Ly Samnang). This is the for both genders selected 20 students each year and provide them with electrical education such as electrical installation, air-conditioning, motor and also solar system. The students need to be willing and committed to work long time in their workshop or where we provide the services. We give the same opportunities for female students as male students because It is not skill for only men. We have also the female past pupils and they are working very much and successful.

Electrical students in workshop

This is associate degree with two years course.

Skill acquired and job opportunities at the end

After graduated from Don Bosco Kep the students should be able and could apply the job in any company those need electrician and also could apply for government officer related to the electrical skill. They can do many thing like install, repair or maintenance electrical system, air-con, motor, solar system and also electronic equipment.

Requirement to apply for the skill

The applicant must be finished grade 12 (pass or fail the final exam). For me information please go to ADMISSION.


Technical Drawing, Electricity Drawing, Mathematics, Auto CAD, Motor Control, Elec. Basic Technology, Electricity Measuring, Elec. System Installation,  Word and Excel, Power Point and Internet, Eng. Elementary, Eng. Pre-Intermediate, Electrical Theory, Material, Moral, Sport, Basic (Hammer Filling), Electricity Welding, Transformer, Electrical System, Circuit control, Air conditioner, Electrical Motor, Solar System and Practice General Work. 


Mr. Try Seyha (Manager),  010 34 25 44/  tryseyha@gmail.com MR. Nun Ramap(Teacher), 086 93 85 65/ nunramap@gmail.com

Mr. Soeum Sophea(Teacher) , 087 91 22 36/ soeumsophea@gmail.com
MR. Khun Channa(Teacher) , 096 85 11 298 /khunchanna@gmail.com
Mr. Kiem Seyha(Teacher) ,  kiemseyha@gmail.com

During the workshop Mr. Sophea(Right with blue T-shirt) show the students how to fix the motors and how it work.