Don Bosco Technical School currently offers six technical programs. Each program last two years and students graduate with an Associate Degree. We hold two semesters per year, and students attend from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. All programs are open to young people of both genders, including physically challenged students.  

Admission Date

The enrollment schedule is one time per year between 3th week of August and 1st week of September according to the final exam of grade 12 and/or Don Bosco Cambodia committees. The schedule will notify at least one month before enrollment date. 




The Process

Applicants visit DBK to apply for an interview, and those who pass the interview will take an exam to evaluate their educational level.      

Examination subjects are general knowledge, Mathematics, English and IQ.

To the interview, applicants should bring:

  • Family Book
  • Birth Certificate
  • Previous year student card
  • Five (5) small photos (2×3) and 5 bigger photos (4×6)
  • Recommendation letter from an authoritative source (see below)
  • Photos of their home (optional)

After the exam, a final selection will determine the students that will be accepted. Successful candidates will be notified at a later date. Results are given around September of every year. Applicants who have passed the test and interview must come at a later date with their parents, tutors or NGO representatives. Young people can study at Don Bosco Hatrans for very low fees ($12 USD per month that pays for food and lodging). It does not cover the total expenses a student incurs during the year (salaries of the teachers and equipment for their education). It is our duty to look for these resources in order to cover for them. Asking bigger fees to our students means to prevent them from attending the school, because they come from families that live on $1 USD/day. The estimated total for the calendar year 2017 is $25 USD/month per student. Note: The contribution fee will be flexible according the price on the market. 

Important Information

  • We recommend the students have their own laptops, though it is not an obligation if the student comes from a low income family.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in the school, and this rule applies to students who are residents at the Campus as well.
  • Every applicant must bring a recommendation letter from an NGO, chief of the village, pagoda, priest, pastor, Muslim leader or school teacher, stating the financial and family situation of the applicant.

Help us to get more equipment by donating material to our technical sections. Please get in contact:  

For more information, please contact: 

Mr. POV TULA Tel: 097 813 58 18/096 28 54 58 4 E-mail: